18 June 2012

Review: Bam+Boo OS AI2/Pocket Diaper

[05/03/2012: Updated post] These were some of the first South African designed (note: the manufacturing process takes place in China) diapers I tried. I was impressed with their modern-looking design, very similar to styles you would find overseas. 

Description: The Bam+Boo diaper consists of a waterproof TPU shell, lined with a stay-dry inner. The inner is made of coolmax, the same fabric used in sports clothing to wick away sweat and keep the wearer feeling cool and dry. The diaper comes with two inserts, made from a bamboo viscose/cotton mixture which can either be stuffed into the pocket, keeping the stay-dry coolmax against baby's bottom or snapped on top of the coolmax fabric, so that the natural fibres are against baby's bottom. This diaper is one-size and features a snap down rise and velcro closures around the waist. It also features double leg gussets and a snap down rise with four settings instead of the usual three.

First impressions:  This is a very good looking, well made diaper. The velcro seems strong and durable at first glance and I love the soft cottony feel of the outer fabric - it feels like flannel pajamas. I like that it has double gussets - gives me peace of mind when it comes to containing exclusively breastfed poo! These diapers come in a range of pretty pastel colours and the matching colours of the outer, inserts and linings are a nice touch. The bamboo inserts are deliciously soft when new. [Rating: 5/5] 

Ease of use: Bam+Boo are fairly easy to put on, especially with the velcro closures, though you do have to make sure that the front and back linings around the waist is tucked in properly. When taking the diaper off, you have to affix the velcro tabs to the designated laundry tabs to ensure that it doesn't catch in the wash.  This diaper has a very roomy pocket opening making it very easy to stuff if you choose to use it as a pocket. It is just as easy to snap the insert in if you prefer to use it as an AI2 diaper. The outer shell dries very fast, but the bamboo inserts take a bit more time to dry - this is completely normal for natural fibres and it took about the same time to dry as other natural fibre diapers that I own.  As is typical with natural fibres I did find that the inserts got a bit stiff when line dried, but this is easily remedied by a few minutes in the tumble dryer. [Rating: 4/5]  

Fit: Bam+Boo is cut on the larger side and very roomy. It fits snugly around A's waist and legs, and the inserts are fairly trim, but in my opinion the roomy cut is not a good fit on A. The diaper provides full coverage at the back and comes a bit further down on A's legs in comparison to other slimmer fit diapers. The crotch area and smallest waist settings are fairly wide in comparison to other OS diapers.  I think these would fit very well on a chunky baby or big toddler. On the smallest rise settings, it was a bit tricky to get the double leg gussets to fit properly around A's legs, but not impossible. She is on the lean side, so the waist did gape a bit on her initially (at three months and 5.5kg) - this did not affect performance at all though. [Rating: 3.5/5] 

Value for money: This diaper is on the pricier side, but for what you get - good quality velcro, double leg gussets, versatility to use as a pocket or AI2, natural fibres, four snap down rise, colour matching outers, inserts and lining - I think it's good value for money. It also comes with two inserts - a regular insert as well as a booster for use overnight or with a heavy wetter during the day, vs the single insert that comes with most other pocket diapers. [Rating: 5/5] 

Performance: The bamboo inserts are very absorbent and we have never had any leaks with this diaper during the day. They also work well for overnight for a younger baby, though you might find you have to add more absorbency with an older baby or toddler. At sixteen months old we use both inserts during the day. The coolmax interior makes it very easy to spray poo off and the colourful inserts do a good job of hiding poo stains until you can sun them out. [Rating: 4.5/5] 

Overall impression: The versatility of this diaper is a big plus point - I love that I can choose whether to have natural fibres or a stay-dry fabric against A's bum - it's like having two diapers in one! We have had no issues with this diaper performance-wise, but fit-wise it isn't a winner for us. Overall I think this diaper is better suited to chunkier babies and toddlers due to the roomy cut and the fact that it can get really big on its biggest settings (see my OS diaper comparison).  [Rating: 4/5] 

You can buy Bam+Boo diapers directly from their website. Like them on Facebook to be the first to know of any specials or new product offerings. 

Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Hippie Safari. Please do not use or distribute without my permission. While I aim to provide detailed, objective reviews of all the diapers that I've used, please bear in mind that this is my opinion and that every mom has her own preferences and every baby is built differently. So what works well for me and A, might not necessarily work well for you and your baby. A the time that these photos were taken, A was 16 months old and weighed 9.6kg.


  1. Great review on all the fantastic cloth nappies available in South Africa - I am an avid cloth nappy mama!

    I have done extensive research into all cloth nappies available in SA and very much for the local brands & more natural brands. I have a few of the different brands ... but also have my favourites!

    Just to let you know the bam+boo baby nappies are not made in South Africa -as far as I know they are made in China! Better check up on that? I have one of their nappies and the labels says made in china, designed in SA (not sure what that means exactly). The boosters are not 100% bamboo, but are bamboo viscose (as my label states too).

    Hope more mamas out there turn to cloth :)

  2. Hi Fiona, you're quite right, the label says they are made in China! I'll amend the post to clear that up. As for the inserts, they are a bamboo/cotton mix as per their website... I'll follow up with them to make sure though.

    Thanks for the feedback, great to "meet" other cloth nappy fans!

  3. You never know ... it may get someones back up! Thanks for changing. My friend recently bought nappies from them and her boosters said Bamboo, and not Bamboo Viscose like mine. Maybe they have changed them!

    I just love reading your reviews!

  4. Thanks Fiona, glad to know they're helpful! Check back, I've got quite a few more reviews planned.

  5. love my bam-boo nappies. i have 6. i also have a massive stash. currently sitting at 59! but cant.... stop.... buying... dammit! glad there are more cloth nerds like me in sa!

  6. Great to hear from a fellow South African cloth addict!

  7. Thank you, Marisa, for your review of Bam+Boo nappies! As the owner of Bam+Boo I thought I’d take the opportunity to comment on some of the points you make and clear up any potential confusion for those thinking about buying Bam+Boo.

    Bam+Boo nappy was designed by the previous owner. She took all the best elements of various nappies and found a supplier to produce a nappy incorporating these features. We would have loved to have had them made in SA but found that the only SA supplier for bamboo fabric has an agreement with one SA brand of nappy to only provide/manufacture bamboo for them, leaving us with little choice but to get them manufactured in China. Nevertheless, we feel that we have a good quality product hence it costs a little more to manufacture and sell on.

    Under Ease of Use, you mentioned that you had a problem with one of the poppers on the rise of one of your nappies. We do offer a replacement for any part of the nappy that is under six months old. This is usually the time in which any manufacturer faults might occur. Manufacturer faults are rare but unavoidable.

    As you always say, buy the best nappy for your baby. My 11 month old is chunky all round and the nappy fits him well. We love the double leg gussets which help those little ones who have more slender legs.

    I see that you used a hemp booster for night time. Initially, for newborns just the soaker is required for day, with the booster being used at night. As the baby gets older they will start to need the soaker and booster during the day. As this point, for night times, we do sell a trifold bamboo booster that works fantastically well as a night time solution and stays wonderfully soft unlike hemp which can get quiet hard when wet. My son at 11 months old drinks 900mls at night and the nappy lasts just about 12 hours without any leaks. With his volume of drinking , I would add another soaker just to tie him over the full 12 hours. Most babies aren’t as heavy a wetter/drink at night time and the nappy would last 12 hours easily.

    We did encounter ‘pilling’ on some our nappies produced by our previous supplier, we have since changed suppliers. Our last batch of pink nappies arrived from the factory with ‘pilling’. We sold them at a discount and we were pleasantly surprised to hear that moms really didn’t mind the pilling, they said it was just fluffier and to be expected with peached/fuzzy fabric.

    Hope I've been able to add value to your review:-)

    1. Thanks for the detailed response Tanith! Always good to get feedback from the brands I review.

  8. I am interested in using reusable nappies but not keen on buying goods made in China or the far East. Are there any nappy brands not made in China?


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