02 November 2012

A's room

Montessori-style floor bed
Montessori-style floor bed
Inspired by difficulty in putting A down for daytime naps a few months ago, I stumbled across the concept of the Montessori-inspired floor bed. She fell asleep in my arms each time, but would wake as soon as I put her down - fail! I was intrigued by the idea of the floor bed - not only to make nap times easier (I could now feed to sleep lying down next to her and not have her startle awake when I put her down), but also to foster a sense of independence within her. Done with your nap? No problem, you are free to get out of bed and come and find mommy or daddy! 

Toy and art area
We moved her crib mattress to the floor the very same day and for the three or so months she's been using it, it's worked brilliantly. Using a floor bed makes sense for her and for us and on the heels of this success, I've been reading up on other Montessori ideas, not only for baby and toddler rooms, but also for activities they can do. I got loads of inspiration for the room from How We Montessori- a blog in which a mom chronicles her daily life with her preschooler and toddler.

The changing area
The basic concept is to bring things down to their level, to have their room cater for them, instead of for you as the parent. The bed is on the floor, easy to get into and get out of. Toys and books are on the floor or on low shelves, within easy reach of the child, so that they are free to explore. Art is on the floor or at eye level - your child can't appreciate it if it's up high where you can view it easily! Eventually things like dressing and grooming areas are added so that the child can start to play an active role in those daily activities as well. We have not done this yet, but I want to add that in the next few months or so. 

The reading area, with books in DIY 'shelf' made from an upcycled box
At the moment, her changing mat is the only thing that is not on the floor, but I envision changing that when adding the dressing/grooming area - I have a feeling diaper changes will be easier when she feels like she gets to take part, instead of just lying down and letting me get on with it. I still need to plan the area out a bit more - I'd like to incorporate a mirror, minimal hanging space for clothes and a shelf or two for one or two sets of clothes, diapers, wipes, accessories, etc. And perhaps a toddler-sized chair to make getting dressed easier? And I'd like to get a big area rug to place in the middle of the room and perhaps a few low shelves to store more of her toys.

(video of A playing in her room - excuse the crappy quality!)

Have you experimented with Montessori methods with your baby/toddler? What have you done and how has it worked for you?

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  1. I love the idea of a montessori bedroom, and plan to give Jesse one as soon as he moves into his own room. Love how the promote independence etc. Loved the video! :)


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