18 December 2012

{Cloth 101} Where can I buy clothdiapers?

This might sound like a very obvious or silly question, but in reality many moms are stumped, as you don't see modern cloth diapers in the mainstream baby shops. I wish this would change, but in the meantime, here's a list of websites to buy from if you're in South Africa.

South African shops

Select Baby City's - Bambino Mio
Kids Emporium - Close Parent Pop-Ins
Wellness Warehouse - Bambino Mio, Mother Nature, Bio-Baba
The Health Kick, Somerset Mall - Fancypants
The Wellness Pod, Somerset West - Cherub Tree

South African Websites - various brands

Baby Thingz - THX AIO (one-size and newborn), THX fitted, THX mama cloth, PUL fabric
Bumbeline Boutique - Mother Nature
Doodle Bums - Offers a wide range of cloth diaper brands, South African and non-South African, as well as cloth diaper accessories. 
Ethical Co-op - Mother Nature
Faithful to Nature - Bio-Baba, Fancypants, Mother Nature
Little Sams - various international brands including Thirsties, Grovia, Itti Bitti, Weegro and Indian cotton prefolds
Monkey Bums - Alva, Fancypants, Lilibums, Mother Nature
Mulberry Moon - MOON.me, Rumparooz, EcoPosh, Lil Joeys, 
Natural Beginnings - Bumgenius, Mother Nature
Nappiness - Newborn diaper rental service, PUL fabric
Organic Choice - Mother Nature
TakeALot - Bambino Mio
The ecoBaby Company - Bam+Boo, Fancypants, Mother Nature
The Real Nappy Company - Bumgenius, Flip, Econobum
Tiny Hiney - Blueberry, Charlie Banana, Buttons, Snappy Nappy, Diaper Dawgs, Tiny Hiney
Wellness Warehouse - Fancypants, Mother Nature, Stegi

South African Websites - single brands

BabyCastle -  Alva pockets, inserts, swim diapers, training pants and wetbags
Baba Gear
Baby Cottons - Muslin Flats/Receiving blankets
Bam+Boo - pocket/AI2 bamboo diapers, pocket (microfibre) diapers, wetbags, fleece liners, cloth wipes, 
BioBaba - BioBaba AIOs 
Bumbeline Boutique - Mother Nature Products
BumBum Boutique - Alva pockets, inserts and wetbags
Cherub Tree
Close Parent (Step South) - Pop-In Hybrid Diapers
Earthbabies - Earthbabies fitteds and covers 
Earth Sisters - Fuzzibunz pockets, training pants, swim diapers, inserts
Eco Nappy Solutions - pockets, covers, swim diapers, training pants, adult cloth diapers, trifolds, wetbags, inserts
Éfa Bamboo Nappies - Babyland pockets, inserts and wetbags
Fancypants - pockets, swim diapers, training pants, inserts
Fun Baby - Sunbaby pockets, training pants, inserts
Mother Nature Products - Mother Nature fitteds, covers, AIOs, swim diapers, training pants, boosters, wetbags, cloth wipes

Snugglybum - Alva pockets, inserts and wetbags

South African WAHMs (work-at-home moms)

BabaLoo - hybrid fitteds 
Eco Nappy Solutions - hybrid fitteds 
For Fluff Sakes - AIOs, flats, prefolds, trifolds (boosters)
Hippie Safari Handmade - hybrid fitteds, fleece covers, wool soakers (not affiliated to this blogger) fleece covers
KoalaBumz &  Co - fleece soakers
Monkey Bums - Lilibums pocket diapers
Pokkelokkie Babagoedjies - hybrid fitteds, fleece covers, prefolds
Poopsie Daisy Bumwraps- hybrid fitteds, hemp fitteds, fleece covers, cloth wipes
Snuggle Bunny - AIOs/pockets, training pants
TomFips - pockets, covers, newborn AIOs wetbags, mama cloth
Tyrilove Homemade - fitted diapers, fleece covers, hemp inserts, flats and trifolds

Non-SA websites

Nicki's Diapers - Stocks a wide range of well-known international brands.*
Jillian's Drawers - Stocks a wide range of well-known international brands.*
Alva Baby - They offer a HUGE selection of cute prints for their diapers with free shipping worldwide.
Sweet Bottoms BabyStocks a wide range of well-known international brands.*
Diaper Junction -  Stocks a wide range of well-known international brands incl Applecheeks, Babykicks, Blueberry/Swaddlebees, Bumgenius, Diaper Rite, Eco Posh, Fuzzibunz, Grovia, Kawaii, Kissaluvs, Kiwi Pie, Mother-Ease, Rumparooz, Smart Bottoms, Thirsties and Totsbots.*
Dearest Diapers - Stocks a wide range of well-known international brands incl Applecheeks, Best Bottom, Blueberry/Swaddlebees, Bumgenius, Bummis, EcoPosh, Fuzzibunz, Geffen Baby, Grovia, IttiBitti, Kawaii, Kiwi Pie, Planet Wise, Rumparooz, Softbums, Sustainable Babyish, Thirsties and Totsbots.*

* Note that there are shipping restrictions on sales outside of the US for certain brands - Bumgenius (including Flip and Econobum), Rumparooz, Grovia.

The international sites listed above will all ship to South Africa. Note that you will need to factor in import duties when ordering from non-SA sites. I have never had to pay any customs on orders from Alvababy though.

Do you know of another cloth diaper site/store in South Africa? Please let me know in the comments below!


  1. I discovered that this site: http://www.kinderelo.co.za/bambino-mio/?filter_name= has some sized Bambino Mio diapers for sale. Just FYI :)

  2. I met a lady selling bamboo nappies over the weekend. They have a website but no online shop: http://efanappies.co.za/

  3. Hi Marisa,

    I came across Snugglebum diapers while looking for Snugglybum. They are made here in South Africa. It's a flannel pocket with a towelling soaker and a separate water proof cover (basically a fitted and cover). They are made from the La-Di-Da diaper pattern that is available for purchase.

  4. Bum Bum boutique also make their own hybrid fitted. ......

    1. Thanks - my list of WAHMs is very outdated! I need to re-do it.

  5. Hi! I visited the AlvaBaby site, but they said that they do not ship to SA?

    1. They have local resellers, so no longer ship direct unfortunately. Try Fluff Bums or Biddykins, I believe they sell Alva locally.


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