22 May 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge - Day 3

A kicking it old-school in a terry square flat - folded origami style
Two days down, five to go. I'm not gonna lie, this challenge is stretching me.

So far I have washed three times, including two poopy diapers, one of which was NOT ploppable. 

The actual washing part is surprisingly not that bad, but it's the wringing out (ouch my poor hands) and the drying part that is kicking my butt. I underestimated how good the spin cycle of the washing machine works to get rid of excess water and speed up drying time so I've had to resort to all sorts of tricks to speed up the drying process - more on that tomorrow though.

One of my issues was how bulky the terry squares would be on A. The bulk isn't so much an issue when I'm snappi'ing it on her, but padfolded as an insert for a pocket diaper it looks like she has some serious junk in the trunk. And for daycare in the mornings I have to send pre-stuffed pockets. 

Showing off her junk in the trunk
Receiving blankets are definitely my favourite flats to use - they are super trim and surprisingly pretty absorbent. And I love the adorable prints they come in - nothing like a cute diaper to brighten your day, am I right? So far I have experimented with the diaper bag fold and the origami fold (plus the slight variation - Happy Anteater) and the origami fold is my favourite at the moment. Folding flats is really not as complicated as I always imagined it to be - though I think my previous experience using prefolds is helping a bit. You can either fold it just before changing your baby - not always the best idea with a wriggly baby or toddler - or pre-fold a few flats and keep it ready for changes. So far I've been folding on the go for the most part. 

My other big concern was overnight diapering without my trusty fitteds and I'm happy to report that for the past two nights I've had brilliant success with a large receiving blanket and a fleece soaker on top - lasting 11 hours without changing and with sheets still dry in the morning. Can't quite believe it, but hey, I'll take it!

Using flats is not as big of a deal as I thought it would be and I'm very happy with my discovery of receiving blankets as diapers. There is something very charming about a baby (or in my case toddler) in a simple flat and in a way it makes me feel connected to previous generations - my mom who used terry squares on me and my brother and my grandma who would've used cloth on all five her children as well.  

The washing and drying part I still need to get a proper handle on though - I fear the learning curve is pretty steep for me!

This post is part of the 2013 Flats Challenge, a 7 Day Challenge to draw awareness to diaper need. No washer, No Dryer, No Problem.

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