17 October 2013

My Fluff Stash: Favourites (2013 Edition)

I have been putting off this post for soooo long, since it has just been so difficult to choose a favourite diaper from my varied stash. It's kind of like asking a mom to pick her favourite child! ;-)

So I've settled on picking my favourites (for after the newborn stage) across a few different categories. I will also go into a little detail about why I picked those as my favourites. 

Ready? Let's go!


1. Bottombumpers (sized and one-size)
2. Grovia (one-size)
3. Bumgenius Elemental (one-size)

AIOs are my overall favourite style of diaper at the moment (although that might change in a few months; a couple of months ago it was pockets). I find myself reaching for the AIOs in our stash first - I love how low maintenance and generally pretty trim they are. Our AIO stash consists mainly of natural fibres and my top three favourites are all 100% organic cotton. Two of my picks feature side-snaps (my latest obsession) and fairly narrow crotch areas - both features which make for a super awesome fit on A.

[Hippie Safari] Fluff Stash Favourites - Bottombumpers AIO
A wearing a size medium Bottombumpers AIO
Bottombumpers - I love the sleek look of this diaper around the tummy area (thank you side-snaps!) and how narrow the crotch is - even on the one-size version. It is nice and trim (a feature that all three my favourites share) and very absorbent. This diaper is of exceptional quality and because of its great value for money I would have to say it is my number one favourite at the moment. What I don't love - the limited prints that these diapers come in, the little bump at the back of the one-size diaper and the fact that these get a bit crunchy when line dried. But I can overlook those small details for a diaper this awesome in every other way. 

Grovia - Love love love the side-snaps and stretchy side panels of the Grovia diaper - it certainly makes putting the diaper on a wriggly toddler a whole lot easier and as an added bonus they can also pull up/down because of this feature. The cotton interior remains soft even after line drying and I love the adorable prints these come in - the owl print has to be one of my ultimate gender neutral favourites. The downside is that these are not available in South Africa, though if you're lucky you can pick up barely used ones off Spots Corner (on Hyenacart). These are super absorbent and I just love how well they fit A. What I don't love are the somewhat stiff leg elastics, though I must add that they've never left red marks nor has A complained.

Bumgenius Elemental - The AIO version of one of the first brands I loved, Bumgenius. I love the stretchy tabs on the wings that makes it easy to get a good fit on a wriggly toddler and how super trim this diaper is. I love that the interior fabric remains soft even after repeated washing and line drying. What I don't love - the fact that these aren't available in South Africa anymore and what a pain they are to spray (all those layers) when  A has a dirty diaper. I also must add that I much prefer the previous version to their new version that was released early 2013.


1. Bumgenius 3.0
2. Cherub Tree
3. Alva

[Hippie Safari] Fluff Stash Favourites - Bumgenius 3.0
A wearing a Bumgenius 3.0 pocket diaper (converted to snaps by me)
Bumgenius were one of the first pockets I tried and they fit beautifully right from the start (A was just shy of 3 months at that stage). I love that they come with two inserts allowing you to customise absorbency and also get a trimmer fit on a smaller baby by just using the newborn insert. The stretchy tabs on the waist closure makes it easy to put the diaper on a squirmy baby and these have held up reasonably well over the 18 months or so that we've been using them (and they've been in heavy rotation!). They are hands down TheHusband and daymom's favourite diapers as well. The velcro on these were a huge disappointment though and I ended up converting them to snaps about a year ago, so I'd definitely recommend that you go with snaps if you buy them. Another downside is that they are pretty pricey in South Africa, which unfortunately puts them out of reach of the average parent. I was lucky to get them at a bargain price off Gumtree, so if you spot them for sale at a decent price, pounce!

Cherub Tree is the brand I recommend most often to South African moms as they are affordable,  locally available, great quality and great fit. As far as fit goes they are very comparable to the Bumgenius pockets, with the exception of the stretchy tabs. I do think they have a leg up on Bumgenius though when it comes to their inserts - each diaper comes with both a microfiber and hemp insert and I have to say their hemp insert is amazing as it can hold a *lot* of liquid while still giving a pretty trim fit. The downside is that the hemp inserts take a while to dry and gets quite stiff when line dried.

Alva are available either directly from their website (order direct from China) or via local resellers (Snugglybum). Now granted these aren't fancy or even exceptional quality, but you can't beat the price and the selection of prints is absolutely amazing. For the price I was also surprised at how well they have held up over more than a year of use - no issues with elastics, snaps or PUL. For a cheap stash builder or even just a way to get a few pretty prints without paying a ton of money, these are perfect. I do wish they were cut slightly smaller though as we had to wait close to a year before the legs fit A. 

[Hippie Safari] My Fluff Stash: Favourites - S'Bish
A wearing a S'Bish fitted diaper. 

1. Sustainable Babyish (sized)
2. Hippie Safari (one-size)

Sustainable Babyish (S'Bish) are on the pricey side but oh so worth it. They are the perfect solution for a heavy wetter or all-night-nurser and the best part is that they're not super bulky either. The diapers are quite plain - all white with coloured serging around the edges, but the quality is exceptional and the absorbency amazing. They take a fair amount of time to dry, but that is par for the course for fitted diapers. Perhaps because they are sized, they offer a great fit on A. 

Hippie Safari* is a recently launched local WAHM made hybrid fitted and is the first of its kind in South Africa. The diaper is super squishy, stretchy and just seems like it would be super comfortable to wear. I love the prints that these come in (it changes with each stocking) and they also make an excellent solution for overnight diapering, with non-heavy wetters even able to wear these for 10 - 12 hours without a cover and zero leaks. 

*Not affiliated to this blogger.


1. Best Bottoms (one-size)
2. Econobum (one-size)

[Hippie Safari] My Fluff Stash: Favourites - Best Bottoms
A wearing Best Bottoms
Best Bottoms make for awesome covers either paired with the Best Bottom inserts or over a trifolded or snappi'd prefold. I love the double gussets (excellent for holding in runny poo), contrasting trim and bright colours of these covers. They are well priced and I love the fact that they can size down to super tiny (via 4 rise settings and cross-over snaps). Because of their trim fit I found that they don't work well over fitted diapers though. 

Econobum is a great affordable cover and one of my favourites to use over fitted diapers because of its generous fit and stretchy PUL. The covers are plain white with a contrasting trim in one of three colours, so it won't win any awards for looks but for getting the job done they are amazing. I wish you could buy the covers seperately though as I really wasn't a fan of their prefolds. 


  1. Hi Marisa. Great post. Thanks! Generally, where do you buy your nappies from? Websites or shops? Catherine

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Locally I buy mostly from Doodlebums, for US purchases I buy from Nicki's Diapers and secondhand diapers off Spots Corner on Hyencart or the buy/sell/trade groups on facebook. Also check out my list of places to buy cloth nappies from: http://hippiesafari.blogspot.com/2012/12/cloth-101-where-can-i-buy-clothdiapers.html

  2. Hi Marisa, tell me what size of the S'Bish is your baby wearing on the pic? i have been eyeing it for some time and i might end up buying . and another thing do you know if hippie safari are back on stock,i wanted to try their diaper. Thanx

    1. She is currently wearing a size medium s'bish with plenty of room to grow still. Hippie Safari stocked last week but all sold out within 30 mins. Will probably only stock again end of the year or early next year. :-/

  3. hi, what is the most cost efficient way for me to get BottomBumpers AIO?
    I see that there is no SA site to order from... is the only way to get it through the website and post to SA?

    1. Yes unfortunately you will have to order from the US and pay for postage. I bought mine secondhand off Spot's Corner on Hyenacart - that way I saved a bit on the price of the nappy and avoided customs charges (which you would normally have to pay if you order a brand new nappy).


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