14 November 2013

{Cloth 201} Overnight solution

Cloth 201: Overnight Solution
A in a Green Scene fitted diaper
Overnight cloth diapering is a completely different beast than cloth diapering during the day. Think about it - one diaper needs to hold up to 12 hours worth of pee - that's a pretty tall order! 

We started out using cloth diapers during the day when A was one week old, but I used disposables overnight until she was three weeks old. By that time I just got tired of throwing away diapers every morning and I figured that the cloth works so well during the day that I may as well take the plunge for overnight too. Besides - I was still changing her a few times a night anyway, so how bad could it possibly be?

We started out with Econobum prefolds and covers for our overnight solution. It was bulky, but very absorbent and did the job. This was our go-to option for the first two months. 

A in a Hippie Safari hybrid fitted
By the time A was three months old, I started experimenting, using various OS pocket diapers (Bumgenius 3.0, Cherub Tree, Bam+Boo) with different types of inserts (microfibre, hemp, bamboo). I liked the stay-dry microsuede of some of the pockets I was using, but started getting more clued up about the breathability of natural fibres and started to migrate towards that. With A sleeping on her side for a large part of the night we sometimes experienced leaks out of the leg openings no matter how much we stuffed the pockets. 

I then started using Mother Nature fitteds with PUL or wool covers and one of their bamboo doublers. This worked well, but I didn't like how stiff they got over time and how the fitted was completely soaked the next morning (though I must say - we never had a leak).

I started searching for overnight fitteds and discovered WAHM fitteds on the recommendation of several ladies on online cloth diapering forums.

Cloth 201: Overnight Solution
A in a Cosy Creations wool soaker
Which brings me to our current solution (that we've been using for the last 18 months):

  • a WAHM fitted - I use a mix of S'bishGreen Scene, Hippie Safari and Appleberry Pie
  • Any of the following covers - wool (local is lekker with Cosy Creations), fleece (Hippie Safari) or PUL (I like Econobum the best as it's roomy and stretchy to fit over the bulkiest of fitteds).

Until fairly recently A was still nursing through the night (we partially co-sleep) and she has not leaked once. These fitteds keep her dry and they look super comfy on. I love how soft and squishy they are and I love that only natural fibres touch her skin for overnight - she has never once woken up with a rash!  I prefer the breathability of wool and fleece covers and they seem to be kinder to A's skin as she never wakes up with a red bum after spending a night in one of these combos. The PUL sometimes causes redness, but no major rash issues. I make sure to put a thin layer of coconut oil on her bum (preventative) before I put her night time diaper on and that works great for us. 

On particularly hot summer nights I reach for the wool soaker -  it seems counter intuitive, but wool is actually nice and cool because it allows the skin to breathe! 

A in a Cherub Tree night nappy
Other night time cloth solutions (tried and tested) are: 

  • Cherub Tree Night Nappy - this works well for us without the recommended fleece cover, though if you have a heavy wetter you will want to add the fleece. You could also add an extra hemp insert inside the nappy for super heavy wetters, though we have never needed to. 
  • Best Bottoms - used with their daytime hemp/cotton insert plus the overnight hemp insert. This is a pretty trim option and very absorbent, I'm just not a fan of exposed PUL against A's skin for such a long time. 
  • A large receiving blanket paired with a wool or fleece soaker - simply fold the receiving blanket like you would a flat (eg terry square) and snappi onto your baby. I was surprised at how absorbent this was when I did the Flats Challenge earlier this year. It's a great budget friendly option as well. 
  • Any double-stuffed pocket nappy - for us this wasn't a great solution as A is fond of sleeping on her side, but if your baby sleeps on their back or stomach, this might be a good option for you. I would recommend stuffing the pocket with natural fibre inserts (bamboo, hemp, etc) as they are trimmer (so you get a better fit with no leg gaps), more absorbent and not prone to compression leaks (this is sometimes a problem with microfibre). 
A in a receiving blanket flat

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