05 December 2013

Review: Flip Potty Trainer Kit

Description: The Flip Potty Trainer Kit consists of a one-size waterproof shell and five inserts. The shell is made of PUL and features side-snapping closures with stretchy side panels and a snap-down rise in front to adjust from small (18 months) to large (4 months). It has flaps on the inside similar to the Flip covers, but with additional velcro tabs underneath the flaps to keep the inserts in place. The inserts are one-size as well and can either be used as is or folded down to fit the shell when snapped down to one of the smaller rise settings. The inserts consists of 6 layers of organice cotton-jersey. 

First impressions: The shell is very soft and the side panels are super stretchy. The inserts are deliciously soft and the velcro attachment seems very easy to use. I like that the flaps inside the shell hides the velcro tabs - this should minimise snagging in the wash (one of my pet peeves when it comes to diapers with velcro). I also must add that I absolutely adore the colour shown in these pics - Dazzle. [Rating: 4/5] 

Ease of use: These are very easy to use - simply adjust the rise to the correct setting, affix the insert to the velcro tabs inside the shell and put on your toddler. These pull up just like underwear which is awesome for those "I don't want to wear a nappy" days. The stretchy side tabs make it very easy to pull them up or down, which make them great for toddlers who are still learning to dress and undress themselves. When the insert is wet, simply pull the training pant down, remove insert and replace with a clean insert. For accidents of the poopy variety, you can simply snap open the side closure tabs to remove it like you would a diaper, thereby avoiding smearing poo down your toddler's legs - this is an awesome feature in my books, especially since A has decided that she simply loves pooping in these training pants. [Rating: 4.5/5]  

Fit: A is currently on the smallest setting in these, both in the rise and waist. They seem slightly big in the waist even though they are rated to fit from 18 months or 9kg and A at 25 months and almost 12kg is well beyond that. She does have a fairly small waist though, so I guess it depends a lot on your toddler's build. We get a great seal around the legs though - a feature which I've been super greatful for quite a few times when it came to messy poops. The Flip potty training pants are fairly trim on A, though there is slight bulk at the back from folding the insert down to its smallest size. It's the price you pay for a one-size system though. [Rating: 3.5/5] 

Value for money: Considering you get five inserts with every kit that you buy, these work out to just over R70 per change, which make them one of the cheapest potty training systems available. Having said that, we always need to wash the shell before all the inserts have been used, since Miss A loves pooping in these. For that reason I would prefer to buy the shells and inserts seperately. But if you are serious about potty training your toddler (we are just experimenting at the moment), then poopy accidents should be few and far between and this shouldn't be an issue. Also keep in mind that these are one-size, so if potty training takes longer than anticipated you don't have to buy extra sizes and also you will be able to re-use them on future children, regardless of size. [Rating: 4/5] 

Performance: I didn't know what to expect with regards to absorbency when it comes to potty training pants, but have to say these are fairly absorbent. They are able to hold more than one pee, which is awesome for a potty training pant - most of them are just designed to hold small accidents and at most one pee's worth. They are not as absorbent as a diaper, but you shouldn't expect them to be either. Having said that, I didn't expect them to last for hours and consequently we have not had any leaks using the Flips. They do an excellent job at containing poo - even the messy ones and clean up is made easy by the fact that you can unfasten the side snaps to take them off vs just pulling them down. I have not tried these for overnight.
 [Rating: 5/5] 

Overall impression: I love the versatility of the Flip Potty Trainer Kit - not only can they adjust to three different rise settings and two waist sizes, but you also have the choice of pulling them up/down or fastening/unfastening them using the side snapping waist closure. The stretchy tabs and inserts that are kept in place with velcro make them very easy to use and even though the kit seems expensive at first glance, I think they're a very economical option for potty training. I can definitely recommend them, especially for those just starting out with potty training, where you might need a bit more absorbency and also need good containment for poopy accidents. [Rating: 3.5/5] 

Flip Potty Trainer Kits are available from local resellers The Real Nappy Company or Doodlebums

Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Hippie Safari. Please do not use or distribute without my permission.  I paid regular retail price for this diaper, was not compensated in any way for my review and all opinions expressed above are my own. While I aim to provide detailed, objective reviews of all the diapers that I've used, please bear in mind that this is my opinion and that every mom has her own preferences and every baby is built differently. So what works well for me and A, might not necessarily work well for you and your baby. At the time that these photos were taken, A was 2 years old and weighed 11.5 kg.

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