20 January 2014

My Cloth Diaper Wish List

Over the last two years I have tried quite a few different brands of cloth diapers, but there are still some brands out there that I would love to get my grubby little paws on. Some because of their excellent reputations and/or cult status and others because they're fairly new on the market and I'd love to see how they work. 

All In Ones

Ragababe AIO - Squiggles
  • Ragababe Easy AIO - these are sized AIOs and cost from $29.95 (and that excludes shipping), so the odds of me actually buying one of these are pretty slim, but I'd love to see what all the fuss is about as they have quite a cult following, with used diapers often selling in the region of $70 or even more. I love the look of this diaper, the awesome prints and the cute star shaped velcro closure tabs on the front. They feature a stay-dry lining with a sewn-in bamboo/rayon soaker and an extra wide waistband to prevent blowouts. 
Smart Bottoms AIO - Wild Thing
  • Smart Bottoms Smart One - I have read some excellent reviews about this AIO, comparing it to the old-style Bumgenius Elemental (which I love), so this is a no-brainer. At $25 it's not exactly cheap, but at least it's a one-size option and it features a full 10 layers of organic cotton making it a fabulous option for heavy wetters (*cough* A *cough*). As a bonus it is said to be very trim and to dry fast as well. 
Bumgenius Freetime - Albert
  • Bumgenius Freetime  - I have tried (and mostly liked) all the other CottonBabies products, but I have yet to try a Freetime. It is an AIO just like the Elemental, but features a stay-dry fabric against baby's bottom and is said to be much faster drying than the Elemental (which is notorious for it's very long drying time). I expect it to offer the same great fit that I have come to know and love - but as there are shipping restrictions on CottonBabies products outside of the US and our local resellers do not (yet?) offer these, I will probably have to source them secondhand. And when I do, it'll have to be in the awesome Albert print pictured above. 

All In Twos
Moraki Candy Snaps - Kaleidoscope
  • Moraki - The print of the diaper pictured above is enough to tempt me, but at $27 (excluding shipping) I will have to think long and hard before I take the plunge. These are made in California by a WAHM and are available as either an AI2, AIO with stay-dry lining or AIO with organic cotton interior. I like that it is one-size and that it features four rise settings which means that it will fit a wide size range - always a bonus when you're paying that amount of money. This brand is fairly new and has already achieved quite a cult following. The cool thing about the AI2 is that it can be used as both an AI2 or a pocket, so it's quite versatile. 
Softbums Echo - Chev Worm
  • Softbums Echo - These get rave reviews for their adjustability to fit from very small babies to large toddlers, due to their unique toggle system to adjust the leg elastics (somewhat similar to Fuzzibunz and Charlie Banana, but quicker/easier to adjust). I like that there is no exposed PUL against baby's skin and that you have the option of a variety of pods (inserts) to snap in, to customise the diaper to your needs. Their velcro gets rave reviews and they have a snap closure option too. Shells are $21.95 per shell with additional costs depending on which pods you buy. 
Imagine AI2 - Emerald
  • Imagine AI2 - While these only come in a limited selection of colours and prints, you can't beat the price. I have used some of the Imagine products before (covers, AIO, prefolds and pocket) and while not high end, the quality has been good and they work very well. What I like about this AI2 is that the inserts snap in, but they also have flaps at the front and the back to hold other inserts you might want to use (eg trifolded prefold) in place. This makes it a very versatile AI2 cover to have. It also features double leg gussets to keep all bodily fluids contained inside the diaper. Definitely must try this one. 


Babykicks Premium Pocket - Azure and Meadow
  • Babykicks Premium pocket diaper - the fleece leg gussets on these intrigue me as they would offer greater breathability on a baby. The diaper is lined with soft bamboo velour (who wouldn't love that on their bum?) and comes with the famously absorbent Joey Bunz hemp insert which is perfect for heavy wetters. They retail for $21.95 and are available in either velcro or side-snaps. 
Thirsties OS Pocket - Rose
  • Thirsties OS pocket diaper - I'm a big fan of Thirsties covers and so would love to try their recently launched one-size pocket diaper (previously available in their duo sizing). It features their signature double gussets (love those) and an envelope style pocket, which means the insert should agitate out in the wash. The inserts are unique in that you get a microfibre insert as well as a hemp insert that can snap together. Hemp is awesome for heavy wetters, so I think this diaper would be wonderfully absorbent. At $19.95 it is fairly average on price. 

Newborn diapers

Rumparooz Lil Joey - Preppy

  • Rumparooz Lil Joey - This AIO features an umbilical cord snap-down and Rumparooz' signature interior gussets. It is so tiny and adorable I just must have one for baby J! The only downside is that you have to buy them in a pack of two, which costs $29.95, so I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a secondhand one to snatch up.

  • Blueberry Newborn Simplex - I'm a big fan of the Blueberry (formerly) Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0, which fit A like a dream, so I would love to try out the newborn version of the same diaper. It features the same birdseye cotton inner, but has a micro-fleece lining for a stay-dry feeling on a newborn's delicate skin. Like the lil Joey it also has an umbilical cord snap-down. It is one of the more expensive newborn diapers unfortunately ($18.95 for one - eek), so this is another one that I will be trawling the b/s/t groups for.

Which brands or prints are on your wish list? Anything I should consider adding to mine?


  1. try http://www.rainshinedesigns.com/. very absorbent material

  2. Lovely! You just make it harder to fit all the gorgeous nappies into my children's nappy wearing years ;) My time is running out! :(

    1. You have two choices - either have another baby or delay potty training. ;-)

  3. i would also love to try moraki, raga babe,softbums. but i thought ragababe does not ship international?

    1. Aw crap! Guess I'll have to stalk Spots Corner then in the hopes of snatching up a relatively affordable one. I actually saw one yesterday on there for $20. What a steal.

  4. Ack. just when I thought I had enough...


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