26 March 2014

My Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash - Round Two

This post was supposed to go live before baby J made his debut earthside, but he decided he wanted to get his bum in cloth asap! 

Luckily my newborn stash was pretty much complete by the time he arrived, although, due to the fact that he had a 15 day NICU stay, I was only able to start cloth diapering him on day 11. I'm lucky to have a nice varied stash this time around, which gives me some leeway as even some of the newborn diapers are still a bit big on my little guy. Bear in mind though that he weighed 2.17kg at birth and now at a month old weighs around 2.7kg, so he is on the small side. Most of these should fit the average newborn quite well. 

Newborn stash - AIOs and pockets
Without further ado though, here is my stash: 


1 x Bumgenius xs AIO
1 x Imagine newborn stay-dry AIO
1 x Grovia newborn AIO 
2 x THX newborn AIOs - single gusset
2 x THX newborn AIOs - double gusset
1 x Lil Joey AIO
2 x Sunshine Cloth newborn AIOs


3 x Alva newborn pocket diapers


2 x Best Bottom Shells (one-size)
6 x Snappy Nappy small inserts (similar to Best Bottoms stay-dry inserts)
1 x G-diaper shell & insert, size small


2 x Imagine newborn bamboo fitteds

Newborn stash - AI2s, fitteds, prefolds and covers
Prefolds & flats
24 x Imagine newborn prefolds
24 x Imagine small smart-fit prefolds 
1 x Bambino Mio size one prefold
1 x Imagine birds eye flat
Various small receiving blankets 

4 x Thirsties Duo Wraps, size one
1 x Thirsties cover, size xtra-small
1 x Blueberry mini coverall
1 x Bambino mio cover, size small
2 x Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, size small
1 x Bummis Super Lite, size small
1 x Imagine cover, size newborn
1 x Rumparooz cover, size newborn
1 x Applecheeks cover, size 1
1 x Hippie Safari fleece soaker, size small
1 x Wild Child for Babies fleece soaker, size small
1 x small wool soaker (gift, handmade by a friend)
1 x small fleece longies (gift, handmade by a friend)

So far I'm enjoying experimenting with all the different options, but must confess I still reach for the prefolds and covers first - they are just so simple and bulletproof! Did you cloth diaper your newborn? What worked for you?

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