30 October 2014

Review: Earthbabies Fitted Nappies

Earthbabies Fitted, size medium on J at 5.5 months and around 7.5kg.
Description: The Earthbabies Fitted Nappy consists two layers of unbleached terry toweling with an extra two layers of sewn-in absorbency in the wetzone area. They are sized and available in newborn, medium and large. As the diaper is sized, there are no rise adjustment settings. The diaper fastens with velcro around the waist, though you can also request to have it made with snaps or without any closure (to fasten with a snappi). 
First impressions:  This diaper is quite plain in terms of looks, but well made with neat finishings. The terry toweling fabric is plush and soft and the velcro used on the waist closure looks strong and durable. I love the subtle ruffle detail of the leg elastics. I tried the size medium which is rated to fit from 4kg to 9.5kg. [Rating: 3.5/5] 

Earthbabies Fitted, size medium on J at 3 months and around 5kg
Ease of use: These are pretty easy to use - they go on and off just like a disposable with no need to stuff anything or snap in inserts. The velcro closures makes them especially user friendly for those new to cloth. They do require a cover to be waterproof though. When you take them off, you simply fasten the velcro closures to the laundry tabs before popping it into your diaper pail.  I did find this diaper took a while to dry, especially in the wetzone area where there are more layers of fabric. As is normal with natural fibres, it does tend to dry a bit stiff when line dried, so I usually finish drying it in the tumble dryer to soften the fabric again.  [Rating: 4/5]  

Fit: We got these when J was around 5kg and they fit great from the start on the smallest waist settings. I'm not confident that J will still fit into this diaper at the stated maximum weight of 9.5kg though, as he was already on the maximum waist setting around 7.5kg and starting to outgrow the rise. The fact that this is a sized diaper means that it is a relatively trim fit (compared to other fitteds), which is nice especially on smaller babies. [Rating: 3.5/5] 

Earthbabies Fitted, size medium on J at 5.5 months and around 7.5kg.
Value for money: At R95, I find these fitteds to be very well priced and in my opinion a very affordable stash builder.  [Rating: 4.5/5] 

Performance: This diaper worked well for us for overnight diapering during the first few months. I did need to start adding an extra hemp or bamboo insert at some point though (Around the time J hit 5 months if I recall correctly) which afforded us dry nights for a while, but from about 6 months on this no longer cut it for overnight for us. I have to point out that he seems to be a fairly heavy wetter overnight though, certainly much heavier than A was. For daytime use we've never had a leak and it does a great job containing runny ebf poop too. [Rating: 4/5] 

Earthbabies Fitted, size medium on J at 3 months and around 5kg
Overall impression: This is a great workhorse diaper - no frills, no fuss, but does a great job. The price is also very attractive and it's nice knowing you're supporting a local WAHM. For daytime use this diaper has not let you down and if you're looking for an overnight solution for a lighter wetter or a younger baby, this diaper will do the trick.  

You can buy Earthbabies diapers directly from their website or via Doodlebums. Like them on Facebook to be the first to know of any specials or new product offerings. 

Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Hippie Safari. Please do not use or distribute without my permission. While I aim to provide detailed, objective reviews of all the diapers that I've used, please bear in mind that this is my opinion and that every mom has her own preferences and every baby is built differently. So what works well for me and A, might not necessarily work well for you and your baby. J's age and weigh is noted in the caption underneath each photo. 


  1. Thanks for the review! How does this compare to a bamboo fitted nappy like Little Lambs? What did you use for night time after your baby was a bit bigger (5 months +)?

    1. Hi Natalie

      I haven't used Little Lambs, but have used Mother Nature fitteds (which are also bamboo) and I would say they are fairly similar in terms of absorbency, though the bamboo might be slightly more absorbent.

      For overnight we currently use hybrid fitteds (Poopsie Daisy, Hippie Safari Handmade, GoodMama) with an extra hemp or bamboo insert and PUL cover or fleece or wool soaker on top. For now that works for us, but I have a suspicion I am going to have to get more creative as J gets older and output increases.


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