09 December 2014

{Cloth 201} Cloth diapering on holiday

24 changes (enough for a longweekend away) - all fits into a standard diaper bag
So you're planning to go away for a longweekend or even a week or two, but wondering how on earth you'll manage to cloth diaper while away from home?

Don't worry, it's totally doable and not at all as scary as you might imagine it to be. You'll get to show off that cute fluffy bum to your friends and relatives, plus  - since you won't need to buy a pack of disposables - you'll have more money free to enjoy your holiday! 

There are a few considerations when travelling with cloth: 

a) Which diapers should you take?
b) How do you deal with poop on holiday?
c) Where do you store the dirty diapers?
d) When/how do you wash them?

A Which diapers should you take?

Luggage limitations are usually an issue, whether you are flying and have a weigh limit to keep in mind or whether you are driving and need to fit everything in the car. AI2s or prefolds/flats and covers are usually the easiest to pack in the least amount of space as you only need one cover for every three to four inserts/prefolds/flats. We recently went away for a longweekend and I was able to squeeze 24 diaper changes into a standard (not very big) diaper bag. As an added bonus two-step diapers, like those mentioned above, are usually easy to wash and dry, which makes laundry easier too. But we'll get to that a little bit later. 

You'll want to bargain on about 8 diapers per day - this allows you to change every two hours and have one or two extra in case of poop. 

I usually then add one night diaper (I prefer fitteds) for each night we'll be away plus one extra (or the ability to combine some of your day inserts plus a cover) in case baby poops in his/her night diaper.

Flats, covers and AI2 inserts, plus night-time fitteds for a longweekend away - 24 changes in total

B. How do you deal with poop on holiday?

This is the part I usually forget to consider as I'm so used to having a diaper sprayer at home which makes poop cleanup super easy. When you're on holiday it is unlikely that you'll have a diaper sprayer at your destination, so I would recommend taking disposable liners with. That way it is easy to dispose of the poop in the toilet, where it belongs.

C. Where do you store the dirty diapers?

Easiest is to take a pail liner or big wetbag, alternatively a few smaller wetbags to store the dirty nappies in. If all else fails, a big garbage bag will also work. If you will be visiting family they might have a spare bucket lying around that you can use to store the dirty nappies at your destination. 

D, When/how do you wash them?

This will depend on how long you will be away for. If you will only be away for two to three days, then you can simply bring all your dirty diapers back home and run a load of washing as soon as you get home. This is of course provided you have enough diapers to last you that long. 

If you will be gone longer than that, or you don't have enough diapers to last that long, you will need to wash at your destination. The easiest would be if there is a washing machine at the place you are staying. If you're staying with family or good friends, just ask to use their washing machine to do a load of diapers -  few people will have an issue with that, especially if they don't have to be involved in the laundry. You might be concerned about the detergent or the fact that it's a washing machine you don't know - as long as you don't use softener and choose the longest cycle, your diapers will probably be just fine and come out perfectly clean.

But what if there is no washing machine? This will mean either finding a laundromat at your destination or handwashing your diapers. Hand washing doesn't have to be a nightmare, especially if you're using AI2s or flats and covers - these wash easily and dry quickly. For some handwashing tips, you can check out my Flats & Handwashing Challenge

And that's it! Fluffy bums on holiday - sorted. 

Have you cloth diapered on holiday? Any tips and tricks you want to share?

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