17 February 2015

Newborn Cloth Diapering - Size Comparison (Part One)

J in a THX newborn AIO
Just like one-size cloth diapers, not all newborn diapers are created equally in terms of size. Some are teeny-tiny, others are bigger, some fit for a short while while others are able to fit your baby much longer. 

This post and the next one will aim to show the fit of the various newborn cloth diaper brands and types that I tried on baby J during the newborn phase. As he was born weighing only 2.2kg I was able to see how the diapers worked on a very small newborn and as he grew I could also see how the fit changed over time until he outgrew each diaper (not all at the same time either). 

This post will cover the fit of the various AIOs, pockets and a fitted that I tried. Stay tuned for the next post which will compare the fit of the covers and prefolds that I tried.

Alva Newborn Pocket

Alva Newborn Pocket Diaper 
Anti-clockwise from top left - 2 weeks old in blue & weighing 2.4kg (notice the leg gap), 4.5 weeks old in purple and weighing 2.8kg, 7 weeks old in superman weighing 3.7kg and 10.5 weeks old weighing 5.2kg. 

These diapers gaped at the legs initially with J weighing only 2.2kg, however he grew into them by 2.8kg. At 6kg this diaper still fit J quite comfortably, however we had mostly stopped using it quite early on due to absorbency issues. If you have a small enough booster you could get around this and probably get a lot more wear out of these diapers. However I had enough other options for the newborn stage, so I just retired these early. 

Bambino Mio Newborn cover with size one prefold
Bambino Mio AI2 System

On the left and middle top - 5 weeks old and weighing 3kg. On the right and middle bottom - 9,5 weeks old and weighing 5kg.

This diapering system just did not work for us. The cover is stated to fit a newborn up to 5kg, but even at 5kg we still had slight leg gaps in this cover. At 3kg the leg gap was a lot more pronounced and before that the cover was just way too big. Using the prefold trifolded in the cover as recommended resulted in a super bulky diaper. The prefold on its own was great used snappi'd under our other covers though.

Bumgenius Newborn AIO
Bumgenius Newborn AIO

Left - 4 weeks old and weighing 2.6kg, Middle - 7 weeks old and weighing 3.7kg, Right - 8.5 weeks old and weighing 4.4kg 

We had a slight leg gap at the start (2.2kg), but these started fitting him well from 2.6kg. They do run quite small though and have no rise adjustment, so J outgrew these at 2.5 months old and weighing 5.2kg. It was the first newborn diaper that he outgrew.

Charlie Banana x-small Pocket Diaper
Charlie Banana x-small pocket

Left top & bottom - 7 weeks old and 3.7kg, right - 10.5 weeks old and weighing 5.2kg

At 3.5kg we still got leg gaps with this diaper, however once J got to around 3.8kg these started fitting him nicely. We stopped using this diaper around 3 months as J had outgrown the absorbency. I do think this particular pocket is better suited to chubby legged newborns though, I found that I had to adjust the waist really tightly to get a good seal around the legs.

gDiaper size small with trifolded Imagine prefold as insert
gDiaper AI2 System - Size Small

Left & top middle - 5 weeks old and weighing 3kg, bottom middle 9 weeks old and weighing 4.5kg, right 12.5 weeks and 5.5kg

This diaper looked adorable from the back (who can resist that cute little "g"?), but we had frequent wicking issues whereby the cotton outer would get damp around the legs as soon as J pee'd. I really wanted to love this diaper, but it just didn't happen. We still had some slight leg gaps at 3kg, though he grew into the diaper probably around 3.5kg and it continued to fit until around 5.4kg or so. So it does fit true to the size range given by the manufacturer.

 (Note this was the size small, they also have a newborn size which would probably have been a better fit on J or other smaller babies).

Grovia newborn AIO
Grovia Newborn AIO

Left - 1.5 weeks old and weighing 2.2kg, middle 7 weeks old and weighing 3.7kg, right 9.5 weeks old and weighing 4.6kg

This was one of my absolute favourite newborn AIOs and I just loved the fit of this diaper on J. It was the first diaper that I put on him at 2.2kg and the diaper continued to fit until J was around 3 months old and weighing 5.5kg. This was my second favourite AIO diaper for the newborn stage and I wished that I had more than just the one.

Imagine newborn bamboo fitted
Imagine Newborn Bamboo Fitted

Left - 3.5 weeks old and weighing 2.5kg, Middle top - 7 weeks old and weighing 3.7kg, Middle bottom - 9 weeks old and weighing 4.6kg, Right - 10 weeks old and weighing 5kg

This diaper fit from quite early on with the umbilical cord snap-down and fastening on the bottom row of snaps, however J outgrew it fairly early on too at 2.5 months old and around 5kg. This diaper worked quite well for us during the time that it fit though and we often used it as night diaper underneath a fleece or wool soaker or the Imagine newborn cover. 

Imagine newborn stay-dry AIO
Imagine Newborn Stay-dry AIO

Left - 1.5 weeks old and weighing 2.2kg, Middle top - 7 weeks old and weighing 3.7kg, Middle bottom - 9 weeks old and weighing 4.6kg, Right - 11 weeks old and weighing 5.2kg

These fit J from the start at 2.2kg, however I did find them a tad bulky at that point and it remained one of the bulkier AIOs in our stash throughout the newborn phase. He outgrew the rise on these at 2.5 months old and weighing 5.2kg.

Full Review - Imagine Newborn Stay-dry AIO

Lil Joey (Rumparooz) newborn AIO
Lil Joey (Rumparooz) Newborn/Preemie AIO

Left  - 1.5 weeks old and weighing 2.2kg (this was actually the second cloth diaper J wore), Middle top - 7 weeks old and weighing 3.7kg, Middle bottom - 9 weeks old and weighing 4.6kg, Right - 12.5 weeks and 5.5kg. 

This diaper fit J perfectly from the start at 2.2kg and it fit true to size until he was around 3 months old and weighing 5.8kg. I loved the nice and narrow crotch (really important for a nice fit on a small newborn imo) and even though I felt it was a little bulky initially I feel that this was no longer the case once J hit 3kg. This along with the THX is tied in the number one spot for my favourite newborn AIO. 

Full Review - Lil Joey AIO

Sunshine Cloth newborn AIO
Sunshine Cloth Newborn AIO

Left - 1.5 weeks old and weighing 2.2kg, Middle - 7 weeks old and weighing 3.8kg, Right - 10.5 weeks old and weighing 5.2kg

This diaper fit beautifully right from the start at 2.2kg. We did have to fold the rise down at the start, but luckily the velcro tabs made it possible to do this and still fasten the diaper. I love how super trim this diaper looked on J at his tiniest. As there are no rise snaps, J outgrew this diaper at around 2.5 months old and weighing around 5kg. I wish it fit longer as I really loved their prints and trim fit.

Full Review - Sunshine Cloth Newborn AIO

THX newborn AIO
THX Newborn AIO

Left - 2 weeks old and weighing 2.4kg, Middle top - 7 weeks and weighing 3.8kg, Middle bottom - 9weeks and weighing 4.6kg, Right 12.5 weeks and weighing 5.5kg

The fit and function of this diaper was very similar to the Lil Joey newborn AIO and these two brands were my top two favourite AIOs for newborn stage. They fit wonderfully from the start at 2.2kg and he only outgrew them at 3 months old and weighing 5.8kg. I will say that I preferred the fit of the single gusset AIO vs the double gusset one as the double gussets tended to leave marks on J (same as the Lil Joey). 

Full Review - THX Newborn AIO

Watch this space for Part Two of this series which will focus on covers and prefolds. Have you cloth diapered a newborn? Which AIO/pocket was your favourite for the newborn stage?

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