26 February 2015

Review: Blueberry (One-Size) Coverall

Description: The Blueberry Coverall is a one-size cover designed to be used over flats, prefolds and fitteds. It is made of a single layer of PUL with a wipe-able interior. The cover features double leg gussets and three rows of rise snaps on the front to adjust the rise.  The cover fastens with two rows snaps around the waist to prevent wing droopage and provide for a more precise fit around the legs and waist.

First impressions: The PUL on this cover is very soft and pliable and fairly stretchy. It features a soft colour coordinating binding around the edges and colour coordinating snaps which provide for a nice finish. The double leg gussets seem nice and soft (ie not stiff/scratchy). The cover is cut quite generously with a fairly wide crotch. Blueberry has an awesome selection of prints and I love that there are quite a few gender neutral options available too.  [Rating: 4.5/5] 

Ease of use: This cover is best used over snappi'd prefolds, flats or fitteds as there is nothing to hold an insert in place. So it is a two-step system which does take a bit more effort than say an AIO or pocket. While there are no snaps or flaps to hold an insert in place, you could also simply lay in an insert, trifolded prefold or flat in the cover and put it on your baby like that, it's just a little bit tricky with a squirmy baby/toddler. The generous sizing and soft, pliable PUL makes it easy to put this cover on and to ensure that it completely covers even bulky fitteds - something which can be an issue with some other covers. In between uses I like to wipe the interior and air out the cover. When the cover is soiled, simply place in your nappy bucket, ready for wash day. I have had no hassles with washing these and because of the single layer of PUL they dry super fast. This makes them ideal for hand washing eg when on holiday). [Rating: 4/5]  

Fit: Again, the generous cut and soft, stretchy PUL makes it easy to get a nice fit with this cover. I also like that the double row of snaps at the top allows you to customise the fit just a little bit more around your baby's legs or waist. This is especially great for those with chunky thighs or small/large waisted babies. I also love that the edge binding and the double gussets are really gentle and doesn't tend to leave marks on J. The fit of this cover is best over snappi'd prefolds, bulkier flats (eg terry squares) and fitteds, even bulky night time fitteds. In fact, when we do use a PUL cover at night this is the one I reach for most often as it comfortably covers extra-stuffed night time fitteds. Over trimmer diapers (eg snappi'd flats & prefolds), J is still on the smallest rise with one hip snap exposed on each side and three snaps exposed at the waist. Over night time fitteds we go up a rise to get full coverage. For reference, J was 11 months when these photos were taken and weighed 9.2kg.  [Rating: 4/5] 

Value for money: These are on the higher end of the price range for covers, but in my opinion they are worth every cent for how well made they are and how well they fit. They will also last us a really long time as there is plenty of room for growth and they should easily fit until potty training.  [Rating: 5/5] 

Performance: We have used this cover during the day and at night and it has not let us down once - it keeps everything that is supposed to stay inside, inside and we have had zero leaks. Even runny poops does not escape this cover. [Rating: 5/5] 

Overall impression: The Blueberry brand just keeps on delivering. I have tried their one-size AIO, the sized AIO, newborn cover and now the one-size cover and I've been impressed with every one of them. The Blueberry Coverall is a fantastic cover and one I would highly recommend.  If you prefer the ease of simply laying an insert in a cover, then this is probably not your best bet. But if you're on the hunt for the perfect cover to use at night, over fitteds and snappi'd prefolds and flats, then you should definitely try the Coverall.

You can buy the Blueberry Coverall from local resellers Tiny Hiney. Follow Blueberry on Facebook to be the first to know of new products and prints.

Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Hippie Safari. Please do not use or distribute without my permission.  I received this diaper as a gift from a friend and all opinions expressed above are my own. While I aim to provide detailed, objective reviews of all the diapers that I've used, please bear in mind that this is my opinion and that every mom has her own preferences and every baby is built differently. So what works well for me and J, might not necessarily work well for you and your baby. At the time that these photos were taken, J was 11 months and weighed approximately 9.2kg.

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