26 August 2015

{Cloth 201} Hybrid Fitted Absorbency Comparison

With so many hybrid fitted brands available both locally and internationally (yay WAHMs!), it's sometimes hard to know which one to choose, especially since they tend to be on the pricier side as far as cloth diapers go.

If you have a light or medium wetter you will probably find that most if not all of the brands will 'work' for you in terms of keeping your baby's clothes and sheets dry, so your choice of which one to buy will be based on looks, budget and your baby's body type.

But for those with heavy wetters, the number one consideration for any diaper, and especially for diapers that can be used overnight (eg hybrid fitteds) is absorbency. Pretty prints and fabrics that feel nice to the touch doesn't mean much if you are constantly struggling with leaks. If you do have a heavy wetter you might find you will need to boost even the most absorbent of the hybrid fitteds mentioned below, but at least the absorbency test results below will give you an indicator of the best base diaper to use for your super soaker.

I tested a variety of different brands and fabric types, and the following were included in this test:

Bushbums Organic
Poopsy Daisy one-size (variety of outer fabrics and interior fabric)
Poopsy Daisy sized (cotton knit outer, hemp inner)
Skyebaby Dipes
Twinkie Tush Fusion
Tyrilove Butterfly Hybrid
Tyrilove Hybrid with Snake-style insert

I tested the absorbency by weighing the dry diaper, then submerging it in liquid and using my hands to ensure the entire diaper was wet, then I squeezed out the liquid and weighed the wet diaper. The difference in grams between the two measurements translates directly to the millitres the diaper absorbed. 

{Disclaimer: This is not a scientific test by any means, I am a human and prone to error.}

So without further ado, the results:

3rd place: Twinkie Tush soaked up 421ml water in its layers of bamboo fleece and cotton velour.

2nd place: BabaLoo Hybrid Fitted. I was surprised that this diaper absorbed as much as it did given that it doesn't have an absorbent lining (the lining is microfleece on this particular one). However the bamboo/hemp inserts more than make up for it and this diaper absorbed a total of 430ml.

Most absorbent: As there was only a 4ml difference between the two diapers that absorbed the most, I figured they deserve a joint win. The Tyrilove Hybrid Fitted with Snake-Style soaker absorbed 448ml, while the Poopsy Daisy Hemp Hybrid Fitted* absorbed a whopping 452ml - in both cases almost two cups worth of liquid. That's pretty impressive!

Which hybrid fitteds work best for you? Any super absorbers that I'm missing and should try out?

*this specific PD has a half/half swimsuit and cotton knit exterior with hemp interior lining and hemp/bamboo snap in inserts

** For the full results, click through to the spreadsheet.

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