17 May 2017

Flats Challenge 2017 - Day 3 - Favourite Fold

My go-to: padfolding a flat in a cover or pocket
It's the third day and it's usually around this point that the "fun"-ness of the challenge starts to fade and you sigh at the thought of the handwashing that lies ahead of you each afternoon. And that's true for me again this year. I got home today and my spirits sank. But, I forged ahead and the flats from yesterday afternoon and this morning are almost dry already. Yay for sunny winter afternoons! 

This weary feeling got me wondering whether in time you'd be able to adapt to this routine? If you really had no other way to wash nappies, would you get used to the routine of hand washing (the same as getting used to the routine of machine washing) or would it not be viable full-time? It's hard to know if you've never been in that situation.

I also sustained the same injury I got last year due to vigorous plunging. Yup, I scraped my knuckle against the rim of the bucket when plunging down. Occupational hazard I suppose! 
Old t-shirt used as nappy 

Favourite fold? No surprises here, it's padfold. It's the quickest and easiest and what we use to stuff pockets with for daycare as well (not just for the challenge either). So it's definitely our most used fold. 

When I do need to snappy a flat I alternate between kite fold, origami fold (for the bigger flats) or t-shirt fold. I'm really enjoying the soft, stretchy trimness of the t-shirts as flats! 

What are your favourite folds? 

The 2017 Flats Challenge is hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival

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  1. Love the t-shirt fold. Clever to use the sleeves as the wings!


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