01 May 2017

Review: Bakgat Clothing Period Panties

Period panties are the New Kid on the Block in the reusable menstrual products arena. And the concept sounds pretty cool - no need to worry about pads, cups or sponges. Just put on this panty. So of course I was super keen to try them out when Bakgat Clothing needed some testers for their new range. 

Let's back up a bit. I'm sure there are a couple of people reading this and scratching their heads right about now thinking what exactly is a period panty? Simply put, a period panty is underwear with built-in absorbency. Or put differently, underwear with a sewn-in pad to absorb the blood. 

So fair warning: there will probably be some TMI ahead. If you are squeamish about menstruation you may want to click away at this point.


The details

The period panties from Bakgat are available in two styles - bikini or boy cut (pictured above) and three different absorbency levels: liner, regular and heavy. Sizes are from small to x-large. There are thoughtful details like the thread colour on the stitching for the absorbent pad matching the contrasting colour leg and waist bands. The panties are made of soft and stretchy cotton lycra.

The different absorbency levels have a thinner or thicker padded area in the absorbent zone and the absorbent zone is smaller or larger depending on the absorbency level you require. Pictured below the red/orange is heavy, pink is regular and blue liner. The contrasting stitching marks the absorbent area. 

The inside is black which is awesome as you don't need to worry about stains.


But how do they work? That's the million dollar question, right? 

My flow starts off medium and tapers to light. I find that the regular and heavy works fantastic for me for overnight. In fact the heavy is overkill for me. It's very comfy on and I love that I don't need to worry about anything shifting around while sleeping. Because the absorbent area comes up fairly high I also don't need to worry about leaks or spills. I did worry that it would feel like I was wearing a nappy especially with the heavy style, but it wasn't nearly as bulky as I imagined it to be. It is however bulkier than regular underwear.

For daytime I find the liner style perfect for those days that I don't need a lot of protection, but I do need something more than regular underwear. I can keep it on the whole day and not have to worry about changing anything. It also feels like regular underwear and I am not aware of any extra bulk.

Of course you can also wear the regular and heavy styles during the day, but I don't find it very practical to have to change underwear in the middle of the day. The extra padding is also not something I prefer during the day (at night I'm not bothered).

There is no stay-dry lining on these panties, the layer against the skin is cotton-lycra, so it will feel damp. But (strangely) I don't find that uncomfortable in the least.

Built in absorbency on regular (left) and heavy (right)

I did some absorbency tests in my kitchen using a measuring spoon and I was surprised by how much they absorb. The liner absorbs roughly 10ml, regular 25ml and heavy 45ml. Compare this to tampons which can absorb roughly 6 - 18ml (depending on absorbency) and disposable pads which absorbs between 5 and 15 ml (again, depending on absorbency)  According to Dr Google the avarage total flow per cycle is between 20 and 60ml. So that's pretty good going for these period panties! As I'm typing this I think I should try the liner on a regular day too - it will probably hold up. 


As for cleaning - I treat them the same as cloth pads. Soak in a bit of cold water, rinse and wash with regular laundry in the machine. Hang to dry (or you could tumble dry too). They take a bit longer to dry vs regular underwear and the drying time increases as the absorbency level increases (since there are more layers).

Bang for your buck

And the price? They are more than regular panties and also more than cloth pads. Current price varies from R170 to R220 depending on absorbency. It would be cheaper to use cloth pads in your regular underwear, but you pay for the convenience with these. And it's nice to have something convenient when you're feeling a bit meh.

Final thoughts

For me period panties aren't viable as a full-time solution. They are however perfect for extra reassurance at night and for those in-between days when you need something extra. The liner would also be great as backup for cup users on heavier days. 

Bakgat Period Panties are available from Bakgat Clothing.


  1. These look lovely Marisa. I am not sure I would get some for myself though, I love my cup so much! Perhaps a liner panty, as the cloth liners are a little uncomfortable at times.

  2. What about the smell... i have never used cloth pants or cups. Only disposables. But this looks like something I would wear. Is it something that you wear rhe whole day. Or do you have to change the undewear as you would change the disposables?

    1. I don't notice any smell honestly. For lighter days/spotting I would wear it the whole day, but I personally don't feel comfortable not changing on heavier days even though the panty could absorb more.

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