20 May 2018

Flats Challenge 2018: Day 7, What did I learn?

Making Sunlight Gel

It's the last day of the flats challenge, and it looks like I wanted to keep it interesting! After being away for work (and a bit of leisure in between too) for 3 days and arriving back home. I realised my detergent wash finished. Oops! Living on a farm and a small farming community, even if I was keen to drive all the way to town to get detergent, no shop would be open. I did have a Sunlight bar at home, so my son and hubby joined in to help me make Sunlight Gel* for my last bit of hand washing. I'm very relieved I kept a bigger stash of flats for this week now, otherwise I would have run out today. After the Sunlight gel sets I have about 18 flats to wash and hang up.

So what did I learn?
Ease of use/convenience: Using just flats and covers whilst handwashing is definitely possible, but it does mean you need to plan a little better to ensure you always have clean nappies. It's definitely not just easy, you will have to want to do it and be dedicated to using only cloth in order to work around any challenges that comes up and with busy work schedules and multiple kids, even more so. I think in the end it will depend a lot on the person's motivation whether handwashing and flats would work as it can be quite a challenge.

The nappies: Flats will always be a good choice for nappies. They are trim, absorbent, quick to wash and dry quickly (even in humid areas), so definitely a bonus in any cloth stash regardless of your budget. I however did miss my variety, especially for my diaper bag when out and about (it's just easier changing baby into an AIO or AI2). I also found when I needed to change my daughter after she fell asleep (which happens sometimes), it would've been easier to just put on a one-step night nappy than having to struggle to snappy on flats and a cover without waking her.

The washing: I found the anticipation of needing to wash nappies were worse than actually doing it, once I got into hand washing it was easier and quicker than I anticipated. Would I be able to do this long term? Yes, I think so, I think once washing is part of your daily routine it will just become part of the habit, but if I'm honest, I would really miss my variety cloth stash and I would miss my washing machine for the convenience factor. It does add extra stress needing to plan when you can hand wash opposed to just being able to throw a load of nappies in the washing machine. Today was the first time I've made Sunlight Gel and it's very easy to do! Having hard water I won't be able to use it for every wash (unless I add some form of water softener to it), but I can definitely see the appeal in using it.

Overall, our week went without any major problems and I really enjoyed it! How did flats week go for you? and what did you learn?

* To learn more about Sunlight Gel have a look here
Short clip of my son enjoying the process of making gel <3 :'D

This is part of a 7-day series of blogposts for the 2018 Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. Learn more about this initiative on the Cloth Diaper Revival page. This is my first year taking part in the challenge and blogging about my experience. However, check out Marisa's experience from previous years doing the flats challenge - Flats Challenge.

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