16 May 2018

Flat challenge 2018: Day 3, my favourite flat fold

It's day 3 of the flats challenge and we've settled into our routine of using flats. I've brushed off my rusty snappy'ing skills and I'm getting the flats on quicker again (Yay! As all parents know, with a busy toddler you only have a small window to get a nappy on ;D). It's made me realise how long ago I've used my flats, for some reason I've settled into a habit of only taking them out when we're on holiday, but I'm reminded this week why I love flats. We've been having cold rainy weather, but my flats still dry quickly and on time, especially the flannel flats, flats are easy to wash and they give a really trim fit OTB*!

That brings me to my favourite flat fold. I enjoy trying different folds but my go-to flat fold is the origami fold (or rather the happy anteater variation on origami fold). It gives such a nice trim and even fit. You also get 8 layers of absorbency in the wetzone and it's easy to boost with a padfolded flat for nights.

How is the flat challenge going for you? What is your favourite flat fold?

* On The Bum

This is part of a 7-day series of blogposts for the 2018 Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. Learn more about this initiative on the Cloth Diaper Revival page. This is my first year taking part in the challenge and blogging about my experience. However, check out Marisa's experience from previous years doing the flats challenge - Flats Challenge.

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