18 May 2018

Flat challenge 2018: Day 5, Your favourite fabric for a flat?

It's day 5 of the flat challenge, I'm away from home but armed with my bucket and plunger so we're going strong. Bonus: flats and covers take less space in a suitcase so it's the ideal cloth to use when traveling.

I used 4 different fabric types in this challenge, and although hemp jersey has always been my go-to. I've learned I like each fabric for a different reason.

A bit more about each type of flat I used:

Hemp Jersey: I really like hemp jersey flats, which is evident in the stash I have for this challenge, they have an excellent absorbency vs trimness ratio. The stretchiness of the fabric always ensures I get a good fit. With our hard water they can get quite scratchy so I give them a good rub and shake after drying to soften them up.

Terry toweling: There is just something about the fluffy old school terry flats, they really look so cute! They're very easy to use since snappies grab well onto the fabric, absorbent and affordable. They are a bit more bulky than other fabric options though, but don't let that scare you, they might be old school, but they're very effective.

Flannel (Receiving blankets): One of the easiest fabric types to get! Nice and trim. Some might struggle to get a snappy to grab onto the fabric (Have a nail file close by, rubbing the fabric a bit will make the snappy grab better) or get Boingo's, they have sharper teeth to grab onto the fabric.

Cotton Fleece: These are one of the most absorbent fabric types (although more bulky), so for me it's a nice option for my light to medium wetter at night, I'm boosting them with a newborn hemp jersey flat as a night solution.

What fabric are you using in this challenge?

For more on fabrics have a look here.

This is part of a 7-day series of blogposts for the 2018 Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. Learn more about this initiative on the Cloth Diaper Revival page. This is my first year taking part in the challenge and blogging about my experience. However, check out Marisa's experience from previous years doing the flats challenge - Flats Challenge.

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