10 May 2018

Poopsy Daisy EssentialDreamz

Image credit: Monique Lowe
Description: The Poopsy Daisy EssentialDreamz consists of a local waterproof softshell outer with a cotton velour lining* and snap-in inserts. It has petal-style* snap-in inserts with an added snake style booster** and a tummy panel/T-booster. The inserts are made of layers of cotton fleece and topped with dyed cotton velour*. The fold down rise (FDR) is used to adjust the size of your nappy. The EssentialDreamz has handy extra features to adjust the nappy for personal needs, for example the T-booster has additional snaps so that you can snap the petal inserts onto it for extra wetzone coverage for tummy sleepers, the last waist snap on the cover has a double sided female snap (Which increases fit options around the waist).

*Your EssentialDreamz finishes and colours can be customised according to your personal preference. Fabric lining and top insert layer can be cotton velour (CV), Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) or cotton fleece.

** Only included in the heavy wetter edition

First impression: For a budget range nappy this nappy definitely does not look "budget", but rather very luxurious. It has beautiful snap and finish details: Pastel rainbow serge, dyed CV and small butterfly snaps on the bum. It is so squishy and soft! Just as I've become accustomed to with Poopsy Daisy night nappies, the EssentialDreamz is a machine of a night nappy with lots of layers, this WAHM understands catering for heavy wetters.

Pretty details on my EssentialDreamz
Ease of use:  The EssentialDreamz is a one-step night solution that does not need an additional cover. For medium to heavy night wetters this is as easy as it gets in terms of use for a night nappy. The fold down rise (FDR) and T-booster might have a slight learning curve for beginners to cloth nappies (in order to get a good fit), but the petal style inserts are straight forward and easy to use. The snake-style booster ** can be folded to maximise absorbency in the wetzone. The T-booster is especially handy for tummy sleepers.  Night nappies should be rinsed in warm water in the morning, most moisture wrung out and then added to the dry pail for wash day. The EssentialDreamz, as with many night nappies, has a long drying time due to the many natural fibre layers in each insert. You'll achieve a quicker drying time if inserts are unsnapped and dried separately.

Fit: I get a lovely fit and my daughter seems very comfortable in it, even though it is bulky (expected from a night nappy), it doesn't affect fit as the shape of the nappy allows for the bulk to sit in the right places, making it very compact for it's absorbency capabilities. We get a neat fit around the legs and good bum coverage. The softshell cover is nice and roomy and easily holds all the inserts. We currently use the nappy without the FDR on my 1 year old (12 kg) and still have space to grow.

Image credit: Monique Lowe

Value for money: Taking into account that it's a one-step night solution, the excellent absorbency capabilities and that it's homemade, the EssentialDreamz is well priced and gives you bang for your buck (excellent moisture holding for your moolah!). This is part of Poopsy Daisy's budget friendly essential range. All of the fabric is sourced locally to give competitive pricing, without decreasing function at all.

Performance: I currently have a light to medium wetter so this nappy is overkill for us (But I love it regardless!). We mostly use it without the T-booster, it holds up great for night time and the huge first morning pee. With my absorbency tests the inserts alone can hold about 416ml***, the cover also has absorbent layers sewn in and will increase absorbency capabilities even more (roughly to around 629ml***), which means this nappy will be suitable for medium to heavy night wetters.

*** The absorbency value is conservative and only taken after all possible moisture has been wrung out of the inserts by hand. The absorbency capability with the cover added is difficult to test as the cover has an absorbent layer, but the softshell also gets wet whilst testing, so the absorbency value with the cover is a bit more unpredictable to test.

EssentialDreamz inserts
Overall impression: Poopsy Daisy has perfected night nappies and just like her other versions, the EssentialDreamz did not disappoint! The EssentialDreamz gives a great fit with excellent absorbency, a fair price and still looks beautiful. It's a nappy in constant rotation in our house.

You can buy PoopsyDaisy products directly from their website. Also make sure to join their Facebook group.

Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Hippie Safari. Please do not use or distribute without my permission. I received this nappy free of charge for review purposes, but I was not compensated in any way for this review. While I aim to provide detailed, objective reviews of all the diapers that I've used, please bear in mind that this is my opinion and that every mom has her own preferences and every baby is built differently. So what works well for me and my children, might not necessarily work well for you and your baby.

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