08 June 2018

Review: Bam+Boo Baby Hemp AIO

Description: The Bam+Boo Baby Hemp AIO is a OS nappy that has a waterproof PUL outer layer with a micro-suede lining and two hemp inserts sewn onto the cover (At the back and front of the nappy). Each insert consists of 3 layers of hemp cotton blend. The Hemp AIO has 4 rise settings, single leg gussets and double waist snaps to adjust the fit around the waist and legs.

First impression: I received a grey Bam+Boo Baby Hemp AIO. With the white edging it is a striking solid colour and matches so many of my toddler's clothes. I was excited to test a new trim AIO!

Ease of use: Being an AIO it's one of the easiest types of cloth nappies to use as no assembly is required before putting it on the bum, very similar to a disposable. This should be a good nappy option for daycare or family members not used to cloth nappies. You can adjust the size by using the snap down rise (SDR) as well as the hip snap to ensure a better fit around the waist and legs. The inserts can be folded to optimise absorbency in the wetzone. Once soiled you can place the nappy straight in a dry pail for wash day. Wash as normal and hang to dry. Drying time is fairly quickly since the inserts can flap out to dry, very good drying time for an AIO.

Fit: The Bam+Boo hemp AIO fits beautifully! It is very gentle around my toddler's chubby legs, contours nicely around her body and provides enough settings to get a perfect fit. It is super trim! We wore this nappy under her skinny jeans with no problems. We used it with one rise snap setting closed on my 12kg one year old and I also fit it on my potty-learned 4 year old (tall and 19kg) and it fits great with all rise snaps open, a very comfortable and neat fit. The 4 rise settings means this nappy can fit well for a broader weight range. Unfortunately I couldn't fit it on a smaller baby.

Comparison of the Bam+Boo hemp AIO OS on it's smallest setting next to a Blueberry AIO Newborn nappy. Most OS nappies only start fitting well after 5+ kg
Value for money: This is good value for money, the price is on the lower end for an AIO. Usually you have to compromise and get some bulk in order to get an affordable AIO, but there is definitely no compromise with this AIO, it's very trim.

Performance: The Bam+Boo hemp AIO performed really well on my light to medium day wetter. With my absorbency tests the inserts held about 165ml*, meaning this nappy will hold up for medium day wetters and since it's such a trim nappy there is still lots of space to boost so it can work for heavy day wetters. Even after being fully prepped the inserts did not bunch or distort and kept their shape well. Hemp can get a bit hard, especially if line dried (nature of the fabric) so rubbing the inserts against each other will soften them up again before putting it on the bum. If you want a stay-dry layer against baby's bum, you will need to use a fleece liner.

* The tested value is very conservative and only taken after all possible moisture has been wrung out of the inserts by hand so the nappy can still absorb more to reach a soaked value. The Bam+Boo AIO also has a suede lining which was not included in the absorbency test and will also hold a bit of moisture
How to optimise absorbency with the Bam+Boo hemp AIO

Overall impression: This is a great nappy, trim and affordable, I had it on the bum as soon as it was washed and dry and ready to go again. I love how trim it is and that it can easily be boosted for longer car trips (or naps). Definitely worth adding one (or more!) to your stash.

You can buy Bamboo Baby products directly from their webpage. Make sure to follow their Facebook page as well.
Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Hippie Safari.  Please do not use or distribute without my permission. I received this diaper free of charge and was not compensated in any way for this review. While I aim to provide detailed, objective reviews of all the diapers that I've used, please bear in mind that this is my opinion and that every mom has her own preferences and every baby is built differently. So what works well for me and my children, might not necessarily work well for you and your baby.

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