05 June 2018

Review: Mini Matters Night Fitted

Photo credit: Mini Matters
Description: The Mini Matters fitted night nappy consists of a shell with a cotton terry outer layer and a 100% cotton inner lining and 2 loose inserts: One snake-style insert that can be folded to maximise absorbency in the wetzone and one booster, both consist of 100% cotton layers. This is a snapless fitted and a Snappi can be used to fasten the nappy. A fold down rise (FDR) is used to adjust the rise of the nappy. The Mini Matters Night Fitted was designed and is manufactured locally with fabrics sourced locally too.

First impression: I was very impressed with the Mini Matters night fitted. I could see how much thought was put into the design! A very practical nappy.

Ease of use: This is a snapless fitted, meaning you will need a fastener like a Snappi, Boingo or pin to fasten the nappy as well as a cover to make it waterproof. You can adjust the size by using the fold down rise (FDR). Using a fastener and the FDR might have a small learning curve, but can be mastered quite quickly and will give a better fit than a fitted with snaps as there is no "in-between" size settings. I also find that snapless fitteds are quicker to put on than fitteds with snaps. This nappy was expertly designed to have a terry cotton outer layer which means Snappies grab onto the fabric very easily! Anyone that has struggled to get a Snappi to grip will understand what a nice design feature this is.

If used as a night nappy you should rinse it in warm water in the morning before storing in the dry pail for wash day. Drying time is surprisingly quick for a fitted as the snake-style insert and separate items mean a quicker drying time (For us it was dry within a day indoors). Keep in mind the nappy will shrink a bit length wise after the first wash, but we did not get any distortion of inserts, just slight wing curl on the shell.
Photo credit: Mini Matters
Fit: I love the fit of this nappy and thanks to the outer terry layer it means I can get a very snug fit with a Snappi. The elastics are super gentle on chubby legs and the cotton interior is soft against baby's skin. I don't find them overly bulky (About the same amount of bulkiness as a pocket with 2 microfibre inserts). That means it's trim enough to be used as a day nappy as well. It's nice and slim between the legs ensuring a very comfortable fit. I used it without a FDR on my 1 year old (12kg) and for curiosity's sake also fit it on my potty-learned 4 year old (tall and 19kg) and I was pleasantly surprised to see it fits both beautifully.

Value for money: This nappy is well-priced and should fit into any budget. You can also save a bit more per nappy by buying a pack of 3 nappies.

Performance: It performed really well for us on my light to medium wetter. With my absorbency tests the fitted held about 270ml*. That means this nappy will hold up for medium night wetters, it can be boosted to suit a wider range of medium and heavy night wetters. (Boosting between the night nappy and a cover will mean the least bulk and best fit). It will also perform well for heavy day wetters or for long naps.

* The tested value is very conservative and only taken after all possible moisture has been wrung out of the nappy by hand so the nappy can still absorb more to reach a soaked value. 

Overall impression: I really enjoy snapless fitteds, especially for newborn cloth and/or as night nappies, and Mini Matters night time fitted did not disappoint! It is clear that they thought of everything when designing and making this nappy, fabrics were chosen wisely to optimise comfort of use, to be comfortable on the bum and to be absorbent enough for medium night wetters. This nappy is locally made and local fabrics are used whilst being affordable, what more can you ask for? If this is the innovation we can expect from our local retailers, I'm really excited to see how the industry will grow. It was a pleasure to test this nappy.

You can buy Mini Matters products directly from their webpage. Make sure to join their Facebook group.

Mini Matters is offering a 10% discount on a single or three-pack night nappy pack! Just enter the code "mmgoodnight10" when you check out. Valid until 31/06/2018.
Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Hippie Safari. Thanks to Mini Matters for the OTB pics. Please do not use or distribute without my permission. I received this diaper free of charge and was not compensated in any way for this review. While I aim to provide detailed, objective reviews of all the diapers that I've used, please bear in mind that this is my opinion and that every mom has her own preferences and every baby is built differently. So what works well for me and my children, might not necessarily work well for you and your baby.

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