28 June 2018

Review: Slow Down Products Zero Waste Solutions

I am currently focusing on moving over to a more zero waste lifestyle, slowly but surely. While we've been reducing our eco footprint by using cloth nappies and reusable menstrual solutions over the past few years, there is a lot still to be done in other areas. It can seem overwhelming when looking at the bigger picture, but the best thing to do is just to start with what you can. Every small change is good and everything adds up. 

Over the past few months we have been taking small steps by using reusable bags when we go grocery shopping (and when we remember to take the bags with, I must add!). Recently we have expanded that with a few other reusable bits and bobs that I ordered from a local WAHM, Slow Down Products. 

So let's jump in and I'll show you what I got and how it's working for us. 

First up were these reusable produce bags. I ordered the 20 x 20 cm size, which is the smallest one I believe and I find this size very practical. It's big enough for our weekly fruit shopping hauls (and my kids go through a ton of fruit!). Something to note is that the yellow/green mesh is quite a bit sturdier than the other colours, so it's great for heavier items like potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, onions (especially when you are buying a lot in one go).  I love the drawstring closure - makes it very easy to handle when at the shop and it's easy for the cashier to open it to check when weighing the items. We usually buy fruits & veggies at Food Lovers, so don't have to worry about price stickers, however I have used them at Checkers as well and then I just stick the price directly onto the bag, no problem. The sticker comes off easily with no residue. The bags fold up quite small, so it's easy to pop in your handbag or into your reusable carry bags when going shopping. We bought 4 of these bags initially and found that to not quite be enough for our needs, so I've ordered another 4 and I think that will do the trick. The amount you need is very personal and will depend on the variety of fruit/veggies you buy as well as how often you go shopping. So I would recommend buying a few and seeing how that works and then add to that as you need. 

Secondly I got two bamboo straws along with two straw sleeves so you can pack the straws in your handbag for going to restaurants etc. The straws fit perfectly into the sleeve and there is a little attached elastic which keeps everything closed and contained so you don't have straws falling out all over your handbag. We have some bamboo straws which a friend gifted us with but they are a bit wider and so my kids are not the biggest fans of them. So I opted for the narrow bamboo straws this time and they are a great size with a comfortable mouth feel. I also got a coconut husk straw brush to clean the straws with and that makes clean up a breeze. But it will generally also work to give them a quick rinse after use. I did wonder how the bamboo would hold up over time with exposure to liquid, but I was needlessly worried as they are holding up perfectly. I have ordered another two so the whole family can join in on the bamboo straw fun when out and about (at home it's generally just the kids that use straws). 

Rewrabzz. Image credit: Slow Down Products
Lastly I picked up a Rewrabzz, which is basically the reusable alternative to cling wrap. To be fair, we didn't really use clingwrap very often before, but I was curious about these, so I figured I'd get it for those times when we do use clingwrap. I got the size small (32 x 32cm) with sweet almond oil and it comes with a string and instructions on how to tie a slipknot. The string is used to keep the wrap in place as this wrap is free from pine resin so doesn't cling to the items. The small is a good size I find for wrapping small items in the fridge - say cheese, or sandwiches to stop them drying out. You would need a bigger size to cover bigger bowls with say salad for example


In terms of quality I am very happy with all the items received and so far everything is holding up quite well (after about one and a half month's usage). I like that the items are customisable - for example you can choose the colours of your produce bags, as well as the sizes of the bags, straws, straw sleeves and Rewrabzz. The Rewrabzz are available in a few different prints too.
Bang for your buck

Prices are very reasonable in my opinion, very comparable to similar items available locally. Also bear in mind that while the initial outlay of stocking up on reusable alternatives might seem like a chunk, you end up saving money (and the environment!) in the long run. It's not all or nothing either - I like that you can buy one or two items as and when you are able to and need them. 

Final thoughts

Slow Down Products are a great go-to for your zero waste supplies - offering a good range of reusable solutions to get you started and to keep you going. I definitely recommend giving them a try. You can contact them via their Facebook page to order.

Disclaimer: I paid full retail price for these products and were in no way compensated for this review. All image credits belong to Hippie Safari, unless otherwise indicated.

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