13 September 2018

Review: Doodlebooty Reusable Microwave Popcorn Bag

I was super excited when Doodlebooty launched their new microwaveable (and reusable) popcorn bag and even more stoked when they contacted me to try it out and review it. We love popcorn, we love reusables, so bring it on!

The concept is quite straightforward - a simple cotton bag with an envelope type closure at the top. Is that what you call it? I'm not sure, but that's what makes sense in my head. It's basically a flap that you can fold over the opening at the top to close it up. Like so: 

Image credit: Doodlebooty

So you put your popcorn kernels inside the bag (1/4 cup as per instruction leaflet), fold over the top to close it up (and prevent your microwave from morphing into a popcorn party) and microwave it on full power for 2 minutes and 10 seconds. And voila - popcorn!

The kids were super excited about being able to make their own popcorn in the microwave. We followed the instructions to the tee and it worked perfectly. Of relevance - our microwave is 1000W. You  may need to adjust the timing if your microwave is more or less powerful. 

We tried it with more popcorn and longer cooking time as well, but found it worked best with the 1/4 cup quantity - just enough to fill the bag nicely and ensure popped and not burnt kernels. As is typical with popcorn there were some unpopped kernels at the end, but not more than other cooking methods, I would even say it was a little less. 

Since you don't use any oil with this method you may find that your seasoning doesn't stick to the popcorn kernels - we like misting it with a little lemon juice before sprinkling with salt and nutritional yeast. 


The bag is made of 100% cotton, seems well made and holds up well in terms of washing. No complaints here!

Bang for your buck

Pricing is reasonable, especially when you add up the cost of disposable microwaveable popcorn bags. Of course you have to buy the popcorn kernels extra, but those are super cheap to buy and I foresee the bag lasting for many years. 

Final thoughts

I love that this bag is easy enough for even kids to use, though I do recommend some caution when opening the bag after taking it out of the microwave as the steam will be hot. It makes me want to make popcorn much  more often since I don't have to haul out a pot each time. And since the cooking method is oil-free it makes for a great healthy snack for the family. I think it could be fun to have the bag available in prints too. 

A great addition to any zero-waste kitchen or anyone looking for an easy way to make quick & healthy snacks. You can buy these Doodlebooty Popcorn Bags directly from their website

Disclaimer: I received this bag free of charge from Doodlebooty for purposes of review. I was not compensated in any other way for this review. All image credits belong to Hippie Safari, unless otherwise indicated.


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