BLW (or Baby Led Weaning) is an alternative approach to introducing solids. Instead of pureeing baby's foods and spoon feeding them, you give them finger foods which they feed themselves with. 

The basic premise is that your child is allowed to have full control of what he/she takes in. So they will feed themselves from a selection of food you put on their plate. This teaches them about textures and tastes in a way that purees can't and because they're in control of how much they eat, the theory is that it promotes healthier eating habits in the long run. It's also very good for hand-eye coordination and development of fine motor skills (eg the pincer grasp).

An important thing to remember is that babies will gag at first as they still have to figure out how to move food around in their mouth, how to chew and eventually how to move the food to the back of their throats to swallow. The gagging can be scary for parents, but it is a normal part of the baby figuring out how eating works and is not cause for concern. It is a good idea to read up on the difference between gagging and choking though, just so you know what to look out for and can be prepared.





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