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All-in-One & Snap-In-One Diapers (AIO/SIO)

Alva Classical OS AIO Diaper 
Bam+Boo AIO
Biddykins AIO 
Bumblebee Babies AIO
Bio-Baba OSFA Nappy
Blueberry OS Simplex AIO 
Blueberry Simplex 2.0 (sized) AIO Diaper 
Bottombumpers OS AIO
Bottombumpers sized AIO
Bumgenius Elemental AIO Diaper
Bumgenius Freetime AIO Diaper
Cherub Tree Night Nappy
Easy Peasies AIO Diaper
Fishnoodles AIO Diaper
Grovia OS AIO Diaper 
Imagine OS AIO Diaper
LuLi & Co SIO Diaper
Mini Matters Omnia 
Mini Mee AIO Diaper 
Moon.Me Side-Snapping AIO 
Mother Nature AIO Nappy
Poopsy Daisy AI3
Poopsy Daisy FIO (fleece-in-one)
The Nappy Shack AIO 
Thirsties Duo AIO Diaper
THX OS AIO Diaper 
TomFips OS AIO Diaper
TomFips SIO

Pocket Diapers

Alva Pocket Diaper (see Snugglybum pocket nappy)
Anan Pocket Diaper (see Bumblebee Babies pocket nappy)
Babyland Pocket Diaper 
Bam+Boo Bamboo Pocket Nappy
Bam+Boo Sleeve Nappy
Bumblebee Babies Pocket Nappy 
Bumgenius 3.0 Pocket Diaper
Cherub Tree Pocket Nappy 
Charlie Banana OS Pocket Diaper
Eco Nappy Solutions Charcoal Bamboo OS Pocket Diaper
Fancypants Pocket Nappy
Fluff Bums Pocket Nappy
Friendly Africa Posh Cloth Nappy
Fuzzibunz OS Elite Pocket Diaper
Fuzzibunz Sweet Beginnings Pocket Diaper 
Happy Flute Pocket Diaper (see Fluff Bums pocket nappy)
Imagine OS Pocket Diaper
Nunibunz Sized Pocket/SIO Diaper
Snugglybum Pocket Nappy
Snugglybum Double Gusset Pocket Nappy
Sun Baby Pocket Diaper
TomFips Pocket Diaper

All-in-Two Diapers (AI2)

Best Bottoms Cover and Inserts (Ai2) 
Buttons Two-in-One System (AI2)
Flip AI2 Diaper System
Grovia OS Hybrid Diaper (Ai2) 
Itti Bitti Tutto
Snappy Nappy AI2 System 
WeeGro AI2

Fitted and Hybrid Fitted Diapers

BabaLoo OS Hybrid Fitted
Bush Bums Baobab Hybrid Fitted
Bush Bums Mopani Hybrid Fitted
Cotton Tails Hybrid Fitted (post still to come)
Earthbabies Fitted Nappy
Eco Nappy Solutions Hybrid Fitted
Eco Nappy Solutions Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fitted
Green Scene Fitted
GoodMama Fitted
Happy Flute Hemp Fitted 
Hippie Safari OS Hybrid Fitted 
Kylie Co Hybrid Fitted
Mini Matters Terry/Hemp Fitted 
Mom's Happy Nappy Hybrid Fitted (post still to come)
Mother Nature Nature Nappy (Fitted Diaper)
Poopsy Daisy OS Hybrid Fitted
Poopsy  Daisy Cuddlenights (post still to come)
Poopsy Daisy Cotton Fleece Fitted
Poopsy Daisy Snuggle Daydreamz
Poopsy Daisy Windpro Hybrid Fitted (post still to come)
Sustainable Babyish Fitted Diaper
Tyrilove Hybrid Fitted Diaper (front-snapping, snake-style insert)
Tyrilove Butterfly Side-snapping Hybrid Fitted Diaper 

Prefolds and Flats

Angel Love Rainbow Muslin 
Baby Chamberlain Cotton Knit Flat
Biddykins Bamboo Flat
Imagine Birdseye Cotton Flats
Little Sam's Indian Cotton prefolds 
Pokkelokkie hemp/cotton flat 
Poopsy Daisy Hemp Winged prefolds
Tyrilove hemp/cotton flat 
Tyrilove Stretchy Cotton-Knit prefolds


Alva Color Snap Diaper Cover 
Blueberry Coverall
Bumkins OS cover 
Cosy Creations Wool Soaker
Eco Nappy Solutions OS Cover
Happy Flute OS cover
Imagine OS cover
LuLi & Co OS Fleece cover 
Milovia Cover 
Mini Matters OS cover 
Mom's Happy Nappy OS cover
Nishiki OS Cover
Pokkelokkie side-snapping fleece cover
Rumparooz OS cover
Sweet Pea OS Cover
Thirsties Duo Wrap (size 2) (post still to come)
TomFips OS Cover

Swim Diapers

Charlie Banana Swim Diaper/Potty Training Pants
Mother Nature Swim Cozzie

Potty Training Pants

Best Bottoms Potty Training Pants
BumChiki Snap 'n Go
Charlie Banana Swim Diaper/Potty Training Pants
Flip Potty Training Pants


  1. Hello, just ordered some snugglybums pocket AIO (Cape Town based company). Have you tried those?

  2. Hi Isabelle - Snugglybum review coming up shortly. :-)

  3. Loving the info on the cloth nappies! Am ordering an Alva bamboo nappy because it is half the price of the other pocket nappies but would love to hear your exp with these?

    1. Have a look at my Snugglybum review - they are rebranded Alvas. I prefer the bamboo version vs the regular Alvas - they are trimmer and more absorbent and you get two inserts with each nappy. Do note that since its a natural fibre it will feel wet against baby's skin.

    2. Hi Marisa, thanks for that ...very helpful :) After reading your blogs and nappy size ups etc, I think the Bam+Boo nappies will suit us well but we gonna have to save up as we go for those, how big a fluff stash should I be building if I have a 2 year old little girl in nappies and a 5 month old chunky baby boy?

    3. I would say you'd need at least 30 for every other day washing with two kids using the nappies. If you're willing to wash every day I think you could get away with 24 or so, bearing in mind you'll get more wear & tear on your nappies.

  4. Could you write a blog post about using cloth nappies overnight?
    I'm really struggling to find a workable solution for overnight - my son is an extremely heavy wetter and I've tried every combination I can think of, but nothing works. Even fleece soakers make no difference whatsoever.

    1. Michelle you're in luck! I am currently working on a post about overnight cloth diapering. Watch this space in the course of the next week or so.

  5. Hey, inspired by you and this enormously helpful blog, I've started my own mini-series. Would love it if you could pop a link up!
    The page is here:

  6. Nice one, Marisa. Thank you for writing articles about diapering. It is very useful blog for all mothers who are taking care of their infants. I'll let you know more topics on which you can write articles related to diapers. Such as washing diapers with detergent that don't leave residue. Just a vague thought. But I'll come up with something better.

    Patria Jase

  7. Hi, thanks for your blog, it's great! I've been using Efa for the past 7 months, I am pretty sure they are a rebrand of the Alva bamboo nappies. I found they leak quite a bit, I think I will try the Hippie Safari over night solution, as you suggested. What are you favourite AI2 or pocket nappy? Thanks! Lorien

  8. Hi Marissa

    Congrats on a blog well done! I've completely fallen in love with cloth diapering due to your practical and fun reviews. I was wondering whether you could offer some advice on efa nappies? Really striving for an affordable, quality South African company to support. Please help (",)

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Kind Regards

  9. New to cloth nappies...with my 3rd child due in August. I always come check your reviews before I contemplate buying a nappy. Love your blog! My stash is still small, but getting there :)

    1. Great to hear! And congrats on your little bundle due in August.

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  11. Hello
    The cloth diapers are really great. I use them for my baby and baby feel comfortable with it. But sometime baby is affected by rashes. I am not sure is it caused by wearing the cloth diaper. Thanks

  12. Hello
    The cloth diapers are really great. I use them for my baby and baby feel comfortable with it. But sometime baby is affected by rashes. I am not sure is it caused by wearing the cloth diaper. Thanks

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  14. s OS AIO Diaper Totsbots Easyfit AIO Diaper (post still to come) Pocket Diapers Alva Pocket Diaper (see Snugglybum pocket nappy) AnAn Pocket Diaper ...

  15. I have found your blog so helpful and encouraging as a soon-to-be-mom! My one question for you: If you could afford ANY nappy, what brand/style would you choose? And what is your absolute favourite? Would love to know your personal best!

    1. If money was no object, I would have a very extensive WAHM collection I think. :-)

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  17. Hi
    I'm thinking about using cloth nappies with my first baby due in December, I read you mention Cherub liners for in the nappies, they are much cheaper than the flushable ones but I was wondering how you dispose of them and any poop that is on them? Do you rinse them before binning them? Or just put them in a bin with a liner? Many thanks

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