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Congrats on your little bundle on the way! 

If you are considering cloth, it's important to bear in mind that one-size-fits-most (OSFM) nappies will probably not fit from birth. In fact, they usually only fit from around 4 - 5 kg and you will get the best fit from 5 - 6 kg. The average baby will only reach this weight around 2 - 3 months old. 

If you intend on using cloth from birth or as soon as possible after, I highly recommend buying newborn sized nappies in order to get a good fit and avoid leaks due to leg gaps. 

Pros of newborn cloth? 
  • Newborn cloth nappies are super cute!
  • Cloth nappies keep runny poop contained - no poop up the back.
  • You save money. You can either re-use the nappies on future children or resell. 
  • You save the landfills - in the first few months newborns can easily use 10 - 12 nappies per day, especially if you are exclusively breastfeeding as they tend to be little (adorable) poop machines. 

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