03 October 2017

Review: Tyrilove Day/Night Nappy

Description: The Tyrilove Day/Night Nappy consists of a yori* outer, hidden layer of waterproof softshell and cotton velour* interior lining. The insert is topped with a matching cotton velour* and consists of a hemp fleece sandwich petal that snaps into the shell as well as a snap-in snake style booster also made of hemp fleece. In total 12 - 16 layers of absorbency, depending on how the booster is folded. The nappy has a fold down rise and snap closure around the waist with fold-over snaps to make the waist smaller.  

*Can vary depending on customer preference

19 September 2017

Review: Tyrilove SIO

Description: The Tyrilove SIO consists of a waterproof PUL outer, athletic wicking jersey interior lining and a snap in sandwich petal insert with booster. The inserts are made of hemp fleece  and topped with athletic wicking jersey (to match the interior lining). It features a snap-down rise with four different size settings and fastens around the waist with snaps. There are two snaps on each wing, to control waist and hip/leg opening size and one cross over snap at the waist as well to enable you to adjust it smaller should you need to. 

13 September 2017

Review: Tyrilove Dusk to Dawn Ultimate Night Nappy

Description: The Tyrilove Dusk to Dawn Ultimate Night Nappy consists of a waterproof softshell exterior, hidden layer of water-resistant soft shell and cotton velour* interior. It has a sandwich petal snap-in insert with snap-in snake style booster and T-booster all made of hemp fleece. With the booster folded it gives a total of 19 layers of absorbency in the wetzone. The top insert and t-booster is topped with organic bamboo velour*. The nappy features a fold down rise which enables you to adjust the fit to your baby and fastens with snaps around the waist. There are three snaps on each wing as well as two crossover snap settings to make the waist smaller for a younger baby. On the inside it comes with snap protectors for bigger babies/toddlers that do not use all the waist snaps. The version I tested is serged (overlocked), but you can also select a turned and top stitched finish. 

* This can be either cotton or organic bamboo velour.

12 September 2017

LuLi & Co Butterfly Contour

Description: The LuLi & Co Butterfly Contour is made of two layers of cotton fleece throughout. It fastens with a snappy around the waist and has no leg or waist elastics. In the wetzone area there are wings/flaps that can fold out to allow for faster drying time. It also includes a cotton fleece trifold insert (two layers throughout) that can be placed in the wetzone for additional absorbency. In total you get 12 - 14 layers of absorbency in the wetzone depending on how you fold the trifold (you can either fold it in three or four, or even fold it down in the front for extra absorbency). The edges are overlocked (serged). 

01 September 2017

Review: Tyrilove Snapless Fitted

Description: The Tyrilove Snapless Fitted  consists of a printed outer layer of an outer layer of hemp fleece, another hidden layer of hemp fleece and athletic wicking jersey* interior lining. It comes with a sandwich petal insert and snap-in snake style booster giving you 12 - 16 layers of hemp fleece depending on how you fold the booster. The insert is topped with athletic wicking jersey* to match the interior lining.  Since it's snapless, you require a snappy to fasten it around baby. The version I tested has overlocked/serged edges, but it is also available in turned and topstitched. 

* or cotton velour or organic bamboo velour