23 March 2012

My stash

We started out with Thirsties Duo Wraps and Imagine prefolds for the newborn stage. A was born at 2.9kg (2.7kg on discharge) and we started cloth diapering in her 2nd week. For reference, she weighed in at 3.2kg at two weeks old. I also had a single Bambino Mio prefold and cover, but I quickly stopped using those as they just always leaked when she wore them! 

The Thirsties covers and prefolds worked out amazingly well for us, I started out with the newborn prefolds and after about 2 months (at that stage she was about 4.5kg), sized up to the size small in the smart-fit prefolds, which are designed to be trifolded in covers. These we used exclusively during the day until she was about three months old and we started to add some pockets to our rotation. 

For an overnight solution, we used Econobum prefolds & covers - super absorbent, but also very bulky at first. 

From about three months onwards, I started adding pockets to our stash. We started out with Alvas and I discovered that I much preferred their bamboo option over their microsuede diapers, so I ordered more of those. From there I branched out with a Cherub Tree pocket, which I LOVE (they are very similar to the Bumgenius pockets, both in look and fit), some Bam+Boo pockets (I love that you have the option of using bamboo against baby's skin when using these as an AI2), Bumgenius 3.0s that I got at a bargain price on Gumtree (these are hands-down my husband's favourite) and finally also some Fancypants pockets. I've learned that I much prefer the velcro over the snaps, although I don't mind so much using snaps when the diaper itself is stretchy (Fancypants) or has stretchy tabs (Cherub Tree or Bumgenius). The Alvas don't stretch and they are a bit more difficult to get a good fit with using the snaps. 

At the moment we mostly use pockets during the week (A is in daycare fulltime), and I add some prefolds to the mix over weekends. For night-time, I use an OS insert in my pockets, during the day a newborn insert is still enough for A (she is just shy of 5 months), though I suspect we'll have to add some absorbency soon. 

I got a great deal on used fitted diapers (Mother Nature) while still pregannt, so I snapped a whole bunch of them up, but must admit I'm not really a fan of them. They are easy enough to use and they do fit well once she got big enough, I guess I'm just not a fan of the bulkiness. I think I might like them better for when she's mobile and I can use them around the house without a cover, so for the moment I'm still hanging onto them. 

My stash is as follows:

14 Bumgenius 3.0 OS pockets - velcro
7 Bam+Boo OS pockets/AI2 - velcro
3 Fancypants OS pockets - snaps
5 Alvababy bamboo OS pockets - snaps
1 Cherub Tree OS pocket - snaps
2 Cherub Tree OS AIOs - velcro
3 WAHM pockets - velcro
1 WAHM pocket - snaps

22 Mother Nature fitted nappies - snaps [we rarely use these]
24 Imagine Indian prefolds, size newborn [these no longer fit A]
24 Imagine smart-fit prefolds, size small
12 Econobum OS prefolds

6 Thirsties Duo Wraps, size one - velcro [these no longer fit A]
1 Imagine OS diaper cover - velcro
3 Econobum OS diaper covers - snaps

Remember to check back, because I will be doing detailed reviews on all of the above diapers in the coming weeks. 

Happy cloth diapering!


  1. Wow that is quite a stash!

    My stash is growing:

    I have 20 mother nature (both nature nappies & all in ones ... am using these on my 2nd child - the all in ones are newer), 2 Bio Baba, 4 earth babies, 2 cherub tree, 1 fancy pants, 1 bam+boo, 2 fuzzibunz and 2 bumgenius!

    Amazing how different they are. I don't like the stuff/pocket nappies at all so avoid those. Love my mnp ones ... have lasted the longest!

  2. I find it interesting how people's preferences differ! :-) I myself am a big fan of pocket nappies - I find stuffing them quite relaxing after a long day, but I know lots of people hate that part. That's why I love that there are so many options available to us today - there is a cloth nappy out there for everyone!


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