07 June 2012

Review: Mother Nature Nature Nappy

These were the very first cloth diapers I ever bought, back when I was still pregnant. I had read about modern cloth nappies on US blogs, but was unaware that something similar was available locally. I spotted a bunch of these (used) on Gumtree and it was such a good deal that I couldn't pass them up. 

Description: The Nature Nappy is a OS fitted diaper made from a bamboo/cotton terry blend. It features a fold-down rise instead of the more common snap-down rise, along with a snap closure around the waist. Absorbency is achieved via tongue-like insert attached to the back of the diaper that you can fold down to maximise absorbency where you need it most. This allows for quicker drying time, since the insert is only partially attached and not sewn down.

First impressions: Since I bought them secondhand, I was impressed that the majority of them did not show any wear and tear. At the time I wasn't aware of many of the modern cloth diapering options and remember thinking that these looked very nifty, with the snaps and the fold-down rise, compared to the terry toweling nappies I knew of. They have a modern design, but are only available in white and beige. [Rating: 4/5] 

Ease of use: In theory these are easy to use - certainly much easier than origami folding a terry square and pinning it onto baby. But when using them on my little girl, I struggle to put them on - this is mostly due to the fact that they don't have any stretch or elastic in the waist and are on the bulky side. With a slimmer/smaller baby this makes them very hard to put on.  They are easy to take off, but being that they are a fitted diaper, the entire diaper gets soaked, so that is something to keep in mind. [Rating: 3/5] 

Fit: I'm not fond of the way these diapers fit A. When she was a newborn, the smallest waist setting fit perfectly around her waist, but the leg openings gaped around her legs. This is just asking for the liquid poo to escape onto the cover! Now, at just seven months, 7.5kg and average height), she is already on the largest rise, though still on the second smallest waist setting. I battle to close it around her waist to get a good fit. If I move up one snap, the diaper fits too loosely around her waist and the leg holes no longer fit snugly either. I don't see the rise lasting until potty training as they claim. These diapers are very bulky, even when coupled with a trim cover. [Rating: 2/5] 

Value for money: You can't beat the price of these diapers, at R105 each they are very affordable. Bear in mind that you'll need to buy a few covers though. They hold up very well, I bought mine used (they were used on two kids) and while one or two of them have some fraying around the edges, most look as good as new. [Rating: 5/5] 

Performance: We have never had any leaks with these diapers, even with overnight use. Sometimes liquid poo escapes onto the cover (see comments under fit), but I'm sure this happens to all fitteds. These take fairly long to dry, especially if you're line drying inside when it can take two to three days to fully dry.  [Rating: 5/5] 

Overall impression: I'll be honest, this is not my favourite diaper, though I know of many other people who love it. It is just too bulky and takes too long to dry for it to become a regular in the rotation. The diaper gets quite stiff when line dried and I find it hard to close it around my little girl's waist since it doesn't stretch at all. I also much prefer the convenience of a pocket diaper or even a trifolded prefold in a cover vs a fitted and cover, but that is personal preference and nothing to do with this particular diaper. For night time use these are great though - I use them in conjunction with either the Econobum OS cover or a wool cover (to allow A's skin to breathe) and coupled with one of their booster pads they last for 12 hours, no problem.   [Rating: 3/5]

You can buy the Nature Nappy directly from Mother Nature Products or see their website for other stockists. You can also find them on Facebook

NOTE: Some of the issues I experienced might be because I bought these nappies secondhand; the best way to know for sure if you will like this nappy is to buy one and try it out. At that price, it's worth it. 

Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Mother Nature Products.


  1. I used these with both my girls as newborns (3kg and 3.3kg) and didn't have many of these issues! New nappies would have an elasticated waist and leg fit - so that would solve some of your fitting issues - especially considering these had already been used by 2 kids! Also using the right size cover causes the nappy to fit more snugly, thus decreasing your chances of leakage - I actually had far less leakage with these than I ever had with disposables! (as in a 1:10 leakage ratio). I used them till my second daughter was 3 and have not yet even come close to running out of snaps... As for the stiffness, I just rough them up with my hands for a couple of seconds, or second them for a 15min spin in the tumble drier (low heat) and they were soft again! Just some thoughts...

  2. Thanks for the feedback Leigh, you're right, and I don't know why I never thought of it, but many of the issues might be because I didn't buy them new! I know many people do like these nappies and rave about them. In fact, I think I will add that as a disclaimer. :-)

  3. I too use these nappies on both my kids & love them. They were brand new when I purchased them, and have to agree with Leigh, never had any issues as per your review above. Now using them on my 10 week old, after using them on my 2 year old. Love the fact that my kiddies are wrapped in natural bamboo rather than a synthetic material.

    Have also been using their all in ones - they are also great nappies.

    I personally hate the pocket nappies as find it such a waste of time stuffing the boosters through - too fiddly (my husband hates them and only ever uses the mn ones as he finds them much easier to put on)! I find the snap in ones much easier & quicker. I have extra boosters so whilst the others are drying I have spare ones available so never run out :)

    Perhaps try and review one of their new all in ones?

  4. Thanks for your comments Carole. I agree with you, I like the thought of natural fibres touching my baby's bottom. Definitely want to try one of their AIOs - they recently launched some new colours and even a print, dying to get my hands on those!

  5. These are definitely my favourite too! Am using them on my 2nd child and they are working perfectly. Have recently purchased their all in one nappies ... definitely in my opinion tops them all! Not a pocket nappy fan ... far too fiddly!

  6. Just a thought ... try get hold of a all in one nappy. I love them though still like my nature nappies.

    Though you seem to like pocket nappies?

    What about Bio Baba? Would be interesting to hear what you think?

  7. @Fiona Definitely want to get hold of one of the new AIOs Mother Nature has - I've got my eye on one of their limited edition handpainted ones - they're gorgeous!

    Waiting for a good deal on the Bio Baba's - they're a bit more pricey. :-)

  8. Saw on the mother nature twitter page they are looking for mommy bloggers - maybe they will send you a free nappy to review for them? Just a thought?!

    I might email them to find out - though am not a mommy blogger but enjoy reading other mommy bloggers blogs! Could always do with another nappy!

  9. @Fiona Thanks - I've contacted them! Will be reviewing one of their new limited edition handpainted AIOs in the near future. Watch this space. :-)

  10. That is fantastic - lucky you!


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