18 July 2012

Imagine pocket vs AIO diaper

The Imagine pocket diaper is very similar to the AIO diaper, with two exceptions: 
a) The fabric used against baby's skin and fabric used for absorbency
b) The size

In the case of the AIO diaper, the interior is all natural fibres, in this case a colour matching bamboo terry, with the absorbent snap-in soaker made of the same fabric. The pocket diaper has a stay-dry micro fleece touching baby's bum, with a microfibre insert for absorbency.

Both diapers come in the same great colours and uses the same stretchy PUL which makes it super easy to get a great fit on your baby. They also both come with either velcro or snap closures. 

I ordered these diapers at the same time, so when I opened them, the size difference was immediately obvious. While the pocket diaper runs slightly bigger than the other pocket diapers I have (A wears it comfortably on the smallest rise setting, while she is on the second rise snap in all her other diapers), the AIO runs significantly smaller. The size difference is obvious when place them side-by-side. The AIO can size down really small in both the legs and waist and I would guess it might even fit a bigger newborn. 

The pocket diaper is fairly big on the largest rise setting - I have not had to use a diaper on a toddler yet, but I would guess that this diaper would work very well on sturdier toddlers. Both the legs and waist can get quite big, which would be great for chunky-thighed or big-bellied babies and toddlers. A is on the smaller side, so she still fits comfortably into the pocket diaper on the smallest rise snap. As you can see in the above photo, the AIO doesn't get very big, even on the largest settings - I am concerned that it might not last all the way until potty training, even more so if your baby is above average weight/length.

While I really love the idea of the natural fibres on the Imagine AIO, I am totally in love with the super soft fleece inner of the pocket! It feels soooooo good under my fingers, I can just imagine how nice it feels on A's bum. The bamboo terry is also deliciously soft, but there's just something extra-soft about the fleece. I normally prefer natural fibres against A's bum, so I surprised myself by preferring the synthetic interior of the pocket!

All in all, I really like both diapers, but if I'm really honest, I like the pocket diaper just a little bit more. I'm sure the fact that the drying time is quicker also has a little bit to do with that! 

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