20 August 2012

DIY Cloth Wipe Solution Recipes

When I first started out with cloth diapers, I didn't even think about using cloth wipes too. I just used disposable wipes (wet wipes), but soon realised what a pain it was to use disposable wipes when you're not also using disposable diapers. When you've used a wipe, the most logical way of dealing with it is to wrap it up into the dirty diaper and then dispose of it, but when you're using cloth diapers, you'd have to seperate the  sometimes poopy wipe and dispose of it seperately - a giant pain in the ass. 

So I decided to make my own re-usable wipes! So easy and they work like a charm. I just cut up two old flannel baby blankets and got my mom to overlock the edges. Voila. 

You can wet them with just plain water, but I like experimenting with different solutions for their great smell and moisturising/healing properties. Here are a few of my favourite recipes: 

Lemon Zinger 
5 drops lemon essential oil 
3 drops tea tree oil
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp baby wash (optional)
2 cups water

Tea Tree Cleanser 
10 drops tea tree oil
1 tsp coconut oil 
2 cups hot water

Coming up Roses

10 drops rose geranium essential oil
5 drops lemon essential oil
2 drops tea tree oil
1 tsp grape seed oil
2 cups water


  1. So still investigating this cloth nappy thing...what do you do with wipes that have lots of poop on them?

    1. You can spray or rinse them off before putting them in the pail. If its ebf poo you can just throw them straight in the pail as it'll all come out in the washing machine (ebf poo is water soluble). I usually use a clean portion of the nappy to wipe off most of the poo though, so there isn't much that gets on the wipe anyway.

    2. You could always use disposable wipes with cloth nappies though if you're more comfortable with that. :-)


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