22 August 2012

Tastes and textures

A is now almost 10 months and BLW is still going swimmingly.

Some of her current favourites include: 
  • grenadilla (passionfruit) 
  • strawberries
  • bananas
  • potato wedges
  • split pea soup
  • peas
  • cherry tomatoes (halved)
  • crabsticks (!)
  • chicken curry
  • toast fingers
  • rusks
I even gave her a sip of homemade chocolate avo milkshake recently - it was a huge hit. 

As she gets more skilled at feeding herself, she is messing a lot less too. I remember when we initially gave her a banana - it was chaos and the poor banana ended up mutilated beyond recognition as she hadn't yet learned how much pressure to apply to keep it from slipping but prevent it from squashing. Now she handles it like a pro - bites of little mouthfuls, chews and swallows, sometimes even multitasking while eating! 

A recent favourite is peas - she carefully picks each one up between her thumb and forefinger and places it in her mouth. And then looks very impressed with herself. Too cute.

We are still very laidback regarding the frequency of her meals - if she is asleep when we are having a meal, we don't stress about it. There will be a next meal that she can join in on. Seeing as I'm still breastfeeding on demand and she seems happy and healthy, she is probably getting all the nutrition she needs at this stage. There are also times when she is clearly not interested in the food we put on her plate - we never push it. Then there are other times when she will wolf down her food and then stare at you until you give her some of yours as well! She especially loves to eat out of my plate - even though it's exactly the same things that is on her plate. 

At almost a year it seems to be more accepted by the general public that we give her table foods to eat, so there is less weirdness when we go out. People are usually quite impressed by the level of skill she has when feeding herself at this age - little do they know she's been practising for about 4 months now!

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