20 May 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge - Day 1

A rocking a receiving blanket flat as part of the 2013 Flats & Handwashing Challenge

I'm guessing that would be most people's response when they hear that for the next 7 days I will be using only flat cloth diapers (eg terry squares) with covers and even worse HANDwashing them. Yes, you heard that right. No washing machine allowed. 

Why in heavens name would I want to do this? And of my own free will nonetheless? 

To prove the following: 

a) Cloth diapering does not have to mean a huge initial investment
b) Cloth diapering is accessible to anyone, even if you do not have a washing machine. And yes, it is possible to get those diapers clean without using harsh chemicals like steri-nappi.
c) A limited budget does not necessarily mean that you're stuck with limited options and boring diapers - yes even on a budget cloth diapering can be cute and fun
d) Cloth diapers are not time consuming - even if you have to wash them by hand

Having said all of the above, the following are my main concerns: 

a) Successful overnight cloth diapering using flats. Is this even possible? I sure hope so. I am not in the mood to wash sheets every morning. 
b) Finding time to hand wash while holding down a full time job and making sure I spend enough time with little Miss A
c) Getting the diapers clean. I mean properly clean. 
d) Rainy/cold weather = a difficult time with drying diapers. This is especially concerning since my supply of flats are somewhat limited.
d) The last one is a pretty superficial concern - the bulk. I worry that A's bum will not fit into any of her pants. I see stretchy pants working overtime in the next week...

This post is part of the 2013 Flats Challenge, a 7 Day Challenge to draw awareness to diaper need. No washer, No Dryer, No Problem.

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  1. Jikes!! Good luck! I look forward to read how it went! :-)
    I'm sure you'll have time to blog between all the handwashing, work and spending time with miss A and your hubby!


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