21 May 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge - Day 2

Partial flat stash - the rest is either on the bum or on the line
If you are reading this post it means that I survived day one of the challenge! 

So what exactly am I using to cloth diaper A's butt during this challenge?

The brief was that we could use any single layer cotton fabric, otherwise known as a flat. As many as you need and as many covers as you need (either bought or homemade). This year we were also allowed to use pockets for daycare with the proviso that we had to fold flats to use as inserts for the pockets instead of the regular microfibre inserts they came with. 

Since the point of the challenge is to show that cloth diapering is feasible whatever your budget, I didn't feel that it was in the spirit of the challenge to go out and spend hundreds of rands on specially imported Birdseye cotton flats and pretty covers. I instead chose to (mostly) use what I have, which left me with the following:

7 x Alva pockets - these cost $5.99 each (roughly R60 each).
9 x small (70 x 90 cm) flannel receiving blankets - these cost R20 each at PEP stores
2 x large (90 x 120 cm) flannel receiving blankets - these cost R40 each at PEP stores
11 x terry squares (old burp cloths I used when A was a newborn) - these cost about R60 for 4 at PEP
1 x Birdseye cotton flat - received free from a good friend. Only available in the US
2 x DIY covers - made by cutting out the interior lining on Alva pockets - these cost $5.99 each (roughly R60 each)
1 x Hippie Safari fleece soaker - R80 each (though I received mine free of charge as a tester)
2 x snappi's - R9.99 each

I plan on using the pockets stuffed with padfolded flats to send along each morning to A's daymom. In the afternoons and over the weekends I will use the flats and covers - experimenting with the different folds to see which works best for us in terms of trimness and absorbency. At night I will have to find a workable solution and I plan on leaning heavily on the fleece soaker to absorb any flat diapering mistakes I might make.

I have used one or two flat diapers here and there, mostly just to try out some different folds, but this is the first time I am using them full-time and also the first time that I am using them overnight. 

This post is part of the 2013 Flats Challenge, a 7 Day Challenge to draw awareness to diaper need. No washer, No Dryer, No Problem.


  1. Receiving blankets make for such cute flats!

  2. Those are super cute! And for a great budget too!
    Cinella @ The Mami Blog

  3. How to get a item as a tester item?

    1. Joy - I have been approached by the sellers of the items for reviews in exchange for a test item for free.


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