26 May 2013

Flats and Handwashing Challenge - Day 5

We're on day five of the Flats and Hand Washing Challenge (this post is two days late though..) and there are only two days left. 

So what's working for me and what isn't?

The washing bit

I find it easiest to wash every day - any more and you run the risk of diapers not drying in time. Also, it is a lot harder on your arms/hands to wash a bigger load. 

The bucket & plunger method works very well and I have not had any trouble with getting my diapers clean using this method. 

The first few days I found it hard to incorporate the washing into our routine (I work full-time - at the office in the mornings and at home during the afternoons), while still trying to stay on top of my work, entertain A and do the other chores around the house. But it's become just part of the day now and it's actually not that bad, especially when I involve A in the washing - she really enjoys that! 

A helping to wash diapers using a bucket & plunger
Having said that - it does take up considerably more time to hand wash vs using the washing machine - about 30 minutes hands-on time per day vs the few minutes it usually takes to load up the washing machine every second day for diaper laundry. 

As is expected, diapers dry the quickest when left in the sun or in the wind. You can simulate these effects indoors by using a heater or fan. In a pinch, I have also used an iron to speed up drying times. 

The diapers

I have settled on the Jo fold as my favourite fold and the past few days I have pre-folded the flats as they come off the drying rack, ready to be snappi'd on A. This makes diaper changes just as quick and easy as they are using modern cloth diapers. DH even put a flat on (or as he calls them: "one of those Amish diapers") and commented on how straightforward they were to put on A. He actually prefers the ease of 1-2-3 fasting using a snappi vs trying to fasten all the snaps on a pocket or AIO. Although, he has asked more than once when we go back to using the 'regular' diapers. I think his missing his beloved BG pockets. ;-)

A models a receiving blanket flat in the Jo fold
Receiving blankets are hands down my favourite flats - they are trim, very absorbent and dry super fast. Because of how trim they are, they are also my nr 1 choice to use as inserts in the pockets I send to daycare - the terry squares are way too bulky when pad folded into an insert and causes gaping around the legs. 

For overnight diapering a large receiving blanket (90 x 120 cm) works fantastically well for us. I am even considering incorporating this into our night-time rotation of diapers since it works so well and there is no ammonia smell in the morning (something that I've become used to with fitteds). 

The number of flats and pockets I chose to use has worked out well for us - it's just enough to not have to worry about diapers drying in time. However, I found myself running short of covers on a few occasions and had to substitute with pockets. I think you really need at least three covers, even for part-time use. One could be in the wash and then your baby/toddler poops and it gets on the cover and you're out of covers. 

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