15 May 2015

Flats Challenge 2015 - Day 4: Out and About

Padfolded flats 
It's Day 4 of the 2015 Flats and Handwashing Challenge (well actually it's Day 5, I'm posting a day late) and I'm still going. 

Truth be told this was probably the hardest day of the challenge for me - we had some personal issues crop up this week and things are pretty stressful at work at the moment as well, so washing diapers was really the last thing I was in the mood for. I admit that I was tempted to just leave it for the next day, but I knew I would then just be faced with a double load, so I ended up washing diapers shortly before midnight. Dedication to the cause and all that. Or pure insanity perhaps. ;-)

So - today's blogging topic is dealing with flats while out & about. 

Clearly I didn't focus when I did my post for Day 3, since I already sort of covered this topic. While we haven't really been out and about much this week (just a quick visit to a friend one afternoon), we will be over the weekend and our solution will be the same as what we've been using for daycare this week: padfolded flats in covers. 

The only difference is that I will just pack one extra cover in the diaper bag and a few padfolded flats seperately. J will have a flat and cover on and I will just rotate the two covers between changes. 

In all honesty it's not much different from our usual cloth diapering supplies for out & about - we usually tend to use AI2s in the diaper bag since they take up so little space. I have also blogged before about travelling with cloth diapers where I found AI2s, prefolds, flats and covers the best option as they are are a) space saving and b) easy to wash should you need to. 

This is part of a 7-day series of blogposts for the 2015 Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. Learn more about the challenge and what it entails over at Dirty Diaper Laundry. Check out my other posts in the series over here - Flats Challenge.

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