13 May 2015

Flats Challenge 2015 - Day 3: Daycare and Overnight Diapering

Padfolded flats pre-loaded into covers
It's Day 3 of the 2015 Flats & Handwashing Challenge and today I want to touch on two topics which most people worry about when using cloth (any cloth!) and which can seem even more intimidating when using flat diapers. 

Yup you guessed it - overnight cloth and cloth at daycare. Is it possible to use flats if you're not a SAHM? And can flats keep your bedding dry at night? The answers are yes and yes!

But how?

First challenge: Using flats in a daycare setting

The chances of daycare being willing to fold a flat and snappy it onto your baby are probably slim. However padfolding a flat (ie folding the flat into a rectangle the size of a pocket insert) and placing it into a cover is so simple that dads, daycare and those new to cloth should easily be able to do it. When you padfold a flat to use with a cover it works just like an AI2 system, except the 'insert' just lays in the cover instead of snapping in. Simply remove the 'insert' (in this case the padfolded flat) when it's wet and replace with a new insert. 

Padfolded flats in covers for daycare or quick changes
For daycare you might want to 'pre-load' covers with padfolded flats already placed into the covers so daycare can simply grab an already assembled diaper and put it onto baby. Just as convenient as using a pocket or AIO. This does mean you will need more covers though.S

Second challenge: Using flats for overnight

I know. I also don't like messing with a winning solution for overnight diapering. In our case that's fitteds plus a cover - tried and tested with both my kids over the last few years and for us it's a bulletproof solution. BUT I took the plunge of using flats for overnight during the 2013 flats challenge when A was a toddler and now again with J who is a heavier wetter at night than she was. And the good news is - flats are totally doable for overnight! We have had two perfectly dry nights so far, without too much effort on my part. 
Receiving blanket in origami fold with padfolded hemp flat in wetzone
What we used? On the first night J rocked an origami folded receiving blanket with an extra hemp flat padfolded and placed in the wetzone for extra absorbency. I added a fleece liner against his bum for a stay-dry feel and paired the diaper with a wool soaker which acted as a the waterproof layer. Now, to be fair the flats were pretty wet the next morning when I took his diaper off, BUT his bum was dry and most importantly his clothes and our bedding were dry. So I count that as a win!

On the second night I decided to rev it up a bit and used a similar configuration to the first night - except this time I used a hemp flat in origami fold with an extra hemp flat padfolded in the wetzone, fleece liner and covered with a fleece soaker. Another dry night and this time the origami folded flat wasn't completely wet, so technically it could absorb even more. If J was a super soaker at night, this would be my go-to option for sure. 

Are you brave enough to attempt flats for daycare or overnight?

This is part of a 7-day series of blogposts for the 2015 Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. Learn more about the challenge and what it entails over at Dirty Diaper Laundry. Check out my other posts in the series over here - Flats Challenge.

Night-time solution on the bum - receiving blanket plus padfolded hemp fla

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  1. The night time flats is where I'm stuck. The hemp pad fold is absorbent?


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