28 April 2016

Review: Poopsy Daisy FIO

Description: The Poopsy Daisy FIO is somewhere between an AIO and a hybrid fitted. It has a fleece exterior which acts as a semi-waterproof layer and is available in a variety of interior linings (stay dry or natural fibres), depending on your preference. In terms of absorbency, there are four layers of cotton, bamboo terry and hemp sewn in the wetzone. The FIO is available in sizes small to large. It is side-snapping and has four sets of snaps on each wing to adjust the waist and hips/legs. The version pictured and reviewed here is a size medium with cotton velour interior and non-pill fleece exterior.

First impressions: This diaper is so cuddly and soft! I'm a sucker for side-snapping nappies, so that feature obviously gets the thumbs up from me. I love that it's sized - sized always tends to give just a little bit better fit vs OSFM in my experience. The rainbow print pictured is just gorgeous and I love the detail of rainbow colour coordinating snaps on the wings. The diaper seems neatly made as we've come to expect from this WAHM.   [Rating: 5/5] 

Ease of use: In terms of putting it on, this is pretty much as easy to use as they come - there is nothing to stuff, snap or layers to arrange. The only slightly tricky part may be the side-snapping waist closure for those not used to side snaps. But once you get used to that (snap bottom snap first, then top snap), it really is super simple to put this diaper on. Taking it off is just as easy - it goes straight in the diaper bucket, just as is. Because there are no loose flaps or inserts, spraying poop off is a breeze too. They wash up well, but take very long to dry because of how the absorbent layers are sewn in.  I usually finish them off in the tumble dryer because they take so long to dry on the line and also because the layers inside tend to get stiff when line dried (as is normal with natural fibres). [Rating: 4/5]  

Fit: Pictured here is the size medium, which fits J like a glove even though the weight guideline per Poopsy Daisy has an upper weight of 10kg for the medium (J weighs 11.8kg). I do think body type/build plays a big role though. The rise is perfect on him and there is still plenty of room to grow in the waist. While it's not as trim as other AIOs, it is not bulky either and fits well under all his pants. The fit is snug around the waist and legs without being too tight. [Rating: 4/5] 

Value for money: This is a budget-friendly option from PD and I agree that it is very well priced given the fabrics used and the fact that it is a product from an established WAHM. It is priced favourably even compared to factory-made AIOs from other brands which is a bargain in my opinion.  [Rating: 5/5] 

Performance: This diaper is marketed for light to medium wetters and it holds up perfectly on my light wetter. For heavier wetters you would definitely need to add extra boosting and/or a cover. I have not tested it for overnight use, but imagine that it would require some extra inserts to hold up for night on a light to medium wetter. [Rating: 4/5] 

Overall impression: This is a great new offering from Poopsy Daisy - I love the fit, love the ease of use and love the price point. I do wish that drying time wasn't such an issue, but on the bright side, it's the perfect excuse to get a few more. ;-)

You can buy Poopsy Daisy diapers via their Facebook Group or from to time from Little Monkeys and Little Sams. Like them on Facebook to keep up with new products and events. 

Disclaimer: All image credits belong to Hippie Safari. Please do not use or distribute without my permission.  I won this diaper in a competition, did not receive any compensation for this review and all opinions expressed above are my own. While I aim to provide detailed, objective reviews of all the diapers that I've used, please bear in mind that this is my opinion and that every mom has her own preferences and every baby is built differently. So what works well for me and J, might not necessarily work well for you and your baby. At the time that these photos were taken, J was 25 months old and weighed around 11.8kg.

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