17 May 2016

{Flats Challenge 2016} Day 2 - My Stash

This year my goal is to try and get away with a bare bones stash, while also still being realistic about how often the average person would be able to wash. 

One big factor affecting the amount of diapers I need is the fact that I am not a stay-at-home mom, I am at the office in the morning and so I cannot wash as I go and I also need to take daycare into account and making things easy for them to keep using cloth (we are in fulltime cloth at daycare anyway). 

For us this means:

a) having enough flats to enable me to wash once a day, taking drying time into account and
b) having enough covers available to enable me to send 4 covers pre-loaded with padfolded flats to daycare every morning and still have enough left for the afternoon at home and for overnight when I am able to snappi my flats and rotate between covers. 

So I narrowed my stash for the challenge down to the following: 

The hemp flats I would use for overnight boosted with a padfolded receiving blanket in the wetzone and covered with the fleece cover as my son tends to be prone to redness when in PUL the whole night. From previous years I remember the hemp flats take a little longer to dry vs the flannel, so I erred on the side of caution and included 2 for overnight so I had one spare for the next night in case the first one wasn't dry yet. 

* The covers I used were not all R120 each as I used what I already had, but if I were to buy covers new to start my stash I would opt for ones in this price range. Here are some examples of locally available budget friendly covers:

BabyCastle @ R92.50
Baby Wizard @ R140 - available from Hot Cross Buns
Bam+Boo @ R90
Biddykins @ R75 Eco Nappy Solutions @ R124
GladBaby @ R90 - available from Funky Chameleon
Happy Flute - available from Fluff Love
Mulberry Moon @ R129
Smitten Baby @ R135
Snugglebum @ R100
The Nappy Shack @ R75
WeeGro @ R140 - available from Little Sams

Funky Chameleon @ R45
Lily James Clothing @ R40
LuLi & Co @ R120
Pokkelokkie @ R95

** Note: these prices were correct at the time I wrote this post, it may not be correct when you read it**

Check out my vlog below where I show you my stash (or at least the clean ones right now) and discuss how the challenge is going so far and a hiccup we've run into already.

This is part of a series of posts for the Handwashing and Flats Challenge. You can find the rules on theDirty Diaper Laundry blog

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