15 May 2017

Flats Challenge 2017 - Day 1 - Why am I taking this challenge?

It's Flats Challenge time again! Truth be told I did consider not participating this year, but knowing that this will probably be the last time I ever get to participate, I pushed those thoughts aside real quick. 

This is my fourth year (!) doing the challenge and I am doing it for a few reasons: 

a) Well as mentioned it'll be the last time I ever get to do it. I'd feel like a traitor for not participating this last year. :-P
b) While I still can actively participate in the challenge I want to spread awareness as much as I can via my blog and the South African Cloth Nappy Users facebook group

I'm going to be experimenting with more DIY/cheaper options this year. I'm thinking t-shirt flats, pillow case flats, PEP covers, no-sew fleece covers. So that'll change things up a bit from the previous year & keep things interesting.

So let's do this!

The 2017 Flats Challenge is hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival.

Would you consider using only flats for a week? Hand washing? Do you think I've officially lost the plot? 


  1. I will definitely give it a go this year with hand washing. We have a combo of Muslin Flats, Muslin receivers, flannel receivers and hemp flats. I'm also using cotton face clothes to boost. My pockets got stuffed this morning, needless to say I ran horribly late for work. Lol! Good luck!

  2. My stash for the challenge is pretty basic. I've got 5 FSTs and the rest are flannel receiving blankets. I would do all other types, like t-shirts, but I don't have any to spare (living in a motel) and the ones I could spare are buried (in a waiting-to-avalanche storage unit).


I'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop me a line and I'll make sure to answer any questions or comments you might have.