16 May 2017

Flats Challenge 2017 - Day 2 - Our Stash

Poopsy Daisy Cotton Fleece Flat on toddler

So we're on day 2 of the 2017 Flats & Handwashing Challenge. 

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I sent pockets stuffed with padfolded receiving blankets to daycare yesterday and today. They typically use 2 nappies per morning, three in case of poop. When I get home after lunch we continue with snappi'd and padfolded flats in covers. 

I washed yesterday morning's three nappies in the afternoon using my trusty bucket & plunger method, sunlight bar soap and the kids' bathwater from the previous evening and hung them up to dry in the afternoon sun. I also quickly washed the first nappy we used in the afternoon (hi second poop of the day!) in the washbasin and added it to the drying rack. All but one pocket shell was dry this morning and ready for re-use. 

Our stash for this week consists of the following: 

1 hemp jersey flat @ R70     -->            R70
1 cotton fleece flat @ R95    -->            R95
3 old t-shirts of hubby          -->            R0
5 receiving blankets @ R26   -->            R130
3 pocket shells @ R70           -->            R210
1 PEP cover                          -->            R14
1 PUL cover                          -->            R80
1 fleece cover                      -->            R110
1 snappy                              -->            R12

That brings us to a total cost of R746. 

This year's stash is my most frugal one compared to previous years - R1,065 in 2013, R2,118 in 2015 and R1,278 in 2016

Photo of flat nappies on drying rack

My plan is to wash once a day in the early afternoon to take advantage of the sun in order to have them dry again for use the next morning. With 10 flats and 6 covers (of which 3 are single use and the fleece strictly for nights), I will need to capitalise on drying time to make this stash work. 

We also have a fleece liner for night time and a few cloth wipes. And of course a bucket & plunger.

Do you think this stash is sufficient? What would you have in your stash if you had to use only flats?

The 2017 Flats Challenge is hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival.

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