18 May 2017

Flats Challenge 2017 - Day 4 - Wash Routine

And we're over halfway with the challenge! Time flies when you're having fun they say. :-P My wash routine hasn't really changed much from previous years. The bucket & plunger method worked well for me so it's what I'm using again. 

The only change I've made this year is to use grey water for the wash. We have water restrictions where I live, so we have been catching the bath and shower water in buckets for a while now - this usually gets used to flush the toilet with any leftovers channeled to the garden. I wash the nappies in the middle and then the used water still goes to our toilets. It's working great so far! 

So I do a rinse (50 plunges), wash with detergent/soap in a new batch of grey water (150 plunges; my detergent ran out on day 2, so I used sunlight soap on day 3) and then rinse again in another batch of grey water. I use roughly 10l for each "cycle". 

Night time flat diaper solution photo
Night time solution - two flats plus a fleece soaker
Then comes my least favourite part - the wringing out. I hand wring out the flats, shake them to get rid of more water and hang them to dry on a drying rack in the afternoon sun. They are usually dry by the evening and definitely the next morning. Ready to use again! 

For covers I roll them in a towel and squeeze to get excess water out and then hang to dry. The covers take the longest to dry. This morning I had to use the hairdryer on one pocket shell to get it fully dry to send to daycare again. But usually they dry overnight. 

I realised on the morning of day 2 that I'd have to wash the fleece cover I'm using for overnight first thing in the morning to have it ready to use again that evening. So I quickly wash that in the bathroom sink each morning and then roll in towel, squeeze and hang to dry. 

The 2017 Flats Challenge is hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival

If you need a visual of the bucket & plunger wash process, have a look at the video I made last year showing the full wash: 

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